Ninja Style Self Mastery is the Secret to Your Network Marketing Success

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Greetings young Grasshopper!

ninja style network marketing success

My Ninja Moves… Whaa Chaa!

So you seek the knowledge of how to attain the legendary network marketing success?

Secret number 1 is to stop chasing rabbits!

Stop looking for the magic potion… the EASY Way!

The answer to your success is found within you…

Look deep within yourself young jedi…


Ninja style Self Mastery is the key to unlock the treasure that you pursue!

In truth self mastery is more important then success in your present network marketing business.

Self mastery means that you have developed the self disciplines to achieve success.

Self mastery means that you have learned and mastered the skills required to have success in ANY network marketing business.

Self master is the greatest of all network marketing success secrets…


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You are asking the wrong questions, seeking the wrong answers…

Understand that in your quest for success there is a great chance you have been asking the wrong questions…

…you are seeking the wrong answers.

If you are with ABC Jumba Mumba company…

…you are most likely trying to figure out and seeking out the hidden answer to how you can become a success in the ABC Jumba Mumba company!

This is the wrong focus Padawan (a jedi in training for you non star wars geeks!).


Time for YOU to ask the right questions…

The right question is how can I develop the self mastery to become a success in any network marketing business?

How can I develop the self mastery and gain the knowledge to make a career in the network marketing industry.

To become a true professional at my trade!

See self mastery is the key…

As much as this may rock some of you sensitive people who are in love with your company and believe it to be the best company since Cracker jacks…

Companies come and companies go… ALL The Time!

(continued below)


The Truth About YOUR Network Marketing Success…

If you want to have a career in this industry and become a true network marketing success it is all about YOU!

The key is to not be dependent on your company…

You want to get to a point that if your company goes under that you can easily take your skills and build anywhere!

This is what becoming a true Network Marketing Professional is all about

Learn the skills…

Read the network marketing books…

Master the skills…


Once you are a master, nothing else matters…

Then it makes no difference what happens to your company or team…

If your company goes out of business you are just fine

If your top leader leaves and goes to another company you are just fine

If your upline bails on you, you do not need them because…

…you are a master,

…you have the skills,

… you can not lose the skills… they stick with you for life!

You are a Network Marketing Success NINJA!


Calm down and focus on self mastery…

So relax…  this is a journey… focus on learning…  focus on becoming awesome at the skill sets required to be successful in network marketing:


Relationship building


team building

And most importantly… focus on self mastery… mastering yourself to the point that you are rock solid in your commitments…

You are self disciplined… when you set your schedule you stick to it… when you say you are calling 10 prospects a day you call 10 every single day…

When you say you are going to write a blog post 6 times a week… you do it, you except no BS excuses form yourself!

Become the Master!


Here are a couple of other resources to help you Master Network Marketing:
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100% commitment to YOUR network marketing success


Video – Network Marketing Success all about this…


Your Turn What do you think… is your network marketing success dependent on YOU or the Company you are with?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Right on Robb…. mastering yourself and personal growth… major …. thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Robb and thank you.
    I loved the “When you say you are going to write a blog post 6 times a week… you do it, you except no BS excuses form yourself!……like if you write it for me 🙂
    Thank you

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