Never Say Never

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Never Say Never

Nobody every created anything great by thinking it was not possible…. never say never

Stop thinking about all the things you think you can’t accomplish.

The fact is you have more potential within you then You can ever imagine.

There is no limit to what you can achieve except the limit you allow your mind to put on you.

As humans we have the potential within us to accomplish more then most of us dreamed was possible.

Start training yourself to look at your life as it can be and not want it can’t be.

Your mind will believe what you tell it…  if you think it is not possible it will not be for you, but if you think it is possible it will be.

This is how records are always being broken…  and then the minute someone breaks a record other people do it because they now realize it was possible where before they were telling themselves it is not possible.

Your mind is a powerful thing…  it can be your biggest hindrance or your greatest asset…

It all depends on what you feed it…  feed it negative thoughts and you will not succeed, but feed it positive thoughts, uplifting thoughts and success oriented goals and before long it will have you on your way to reaching your goals and living your dreams.

Train your mind to work for you not against you!

All is possible if we simply believe!

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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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