Network Marketing Tips: How to Get Your Downline Moving

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Ok gang hold onto your hats…  I am going to get very real with you today.

And from my experience when I get very real with people it can lead to some people getting offended.  Network Marketing Tip How to Get Your Downline Growing

And do you know what…  in the words of my old room mate from Kentucky..

“Wellll  Whoop De Doo”!!

Because that is more then ok with me…  the people who will get offended from this type of talk are the exact type of people I will be talking to you about in this post…

…they are the exact same people who say it is impossible to have network marketing success.

They are the exact type of people that you want to be spending exactly ZERO amount of time with!


This is the Best Network Marketing Tip I Could Ever Give You

… it is crucial that you “Forget About” the whiners…  the complainers…  the moaners and groaners!

It is imperative that you put them behind you…  stop wasting time on them…  they are tearing you down…  they are slowing you down and if you let them they will kill any chance you have at success in this industry.

Their negativity can become contagious…  you want to avoid it like the plague.


And You Know Who I Am Talking About

You know the ones I am referring to…  the ones that complain when you tell them to buy another book on personal development…

=> The ones that are always negative, that always have an excuse, complaint or are griping. network marketing excuses are equal

=> The ones that complain that there is a monthly expense associated with building a business……

=> The ones that question why they need to spend time and money educating themselves on how to build this business.

=> The ones that have every excuse in the book why network marketing success is not possible for them and why the people it is working for  either got lucky or know some magic trick that…  Al La Kazzammmed them right to the top.

=> The ones who miss training calls on a regular bases because their pet poodle needed some quality time with them.

=> The ones who make excuses for not putting in the 10 -15 hours a week that is required to be successful in this industry.

I could go on and on and on…  but I think you are getting my drift.


But This Is Not YOU…

And do you know why I am quite sure that you are not offended by this blog post…  because I believe that if you are reading this post that you are not one of the whiners and complainers…

I believe that you are dedicated and determined to make it to the top!

I believe you understand what network marketing is…

You realize you need to educated yourself you realize it is going to take time energy and a winning attitude.

However you need to realize that 80% of the people in your organization will fall into the whiners camp…

If they do not make big bucks in their first few months they will be recruited by dark side…  the negative legions & hordes of moaners & groaners that pollute our society….


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And on top of that there is nothing… and I mean nothing you can do about it….

BESIDES…  steeling yourself against it…  be ready for it…  understand that it is going to happen and that it is a natural part of this business.

I understand this can be a hard transition to make…  I can remember back when I had the attitude that I would make everyone successful…  we are not leaving any behind.

Well what happened?

I got worn out…  I became angry, frustrated and I burnt out.

As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink!


The following is a huge network marketing tip gang… understand it!!

They key to downline growth is to simply focus your time and energy on the 20% that are dedicated to making their dreams a reality. Network marketing  tip write it down

=> The 20% that will put the time and effort into their business on a daily bases.

=> The 20% who will make the time, family and financial sacrifices required to become successful.

=> The 20% who will purchase the educational materials instead of wasting their money on today’s pleasures.

=> The 20% who will push on no matter what.

=> The 20% that are dedicated to their success..

=> The 20% who have put their stake in the ground and have declared to the world that “Failure Is Not An Option”!


These are the people who you want to spend your time with… The DOER’s!

…because these are the people who will be standing with you at the top.

These are the people who will be visiting the beaches of the world with you!

Focus on them and continue recruiting and your success in network marketing is inevitable!


Your Turn my Friend… comment below and tell me what you think… should you drop people or try and bring them up to your level?


Video: Network Marketing Tips: How to Get Your Downline Moving

So lets hear your thoughts below?!?!

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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. I love it when you get real…. people need to hear reality and not always the fluff… Thanks sharing Robb..

  2. Another awesome post Robb! SO much value here!

  3. love the picture about nobody is impressed with your excuses. Never seen that and could not agree more!

  4. christine n queiroli says:

    Dance don’t chase!!!!! Love it! Thanks Robb

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