Network Marketing Tips: Discipline Your Disappointments

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Network Marketing Tips: Discipline Your Disappointments

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Have you ever had a prospect simply out of ignorance on their part say your business is one of those things, a pyramid or a scheme? 2 network marketing tips

Have you ever had a prospect tell you they were going to join your network marketing business and then they just disappeared?

Have you ever had a new distributor quit your business before they even got started?

Have you ever had a distributor all excited and talking about how they are going to rip this deal up and then just disappear into the witness protection program?

Well… if not, you probably have never built a network marketing business…

…because everyone will experience these exact disappointments and many more over and over and over again when they are building their downline… guaranteed!!

There is no question that when you are engaged in network marketing recruiting activities you are going to have many ups and downs…

In fact your success in this industry is all about your ability to control your mind and emotions…

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Controlling your emotions is called Disciplining Your Disappointments.

Jim Rohn explained it best in his audio CD – Building Your Network Marketing business…

…if you do not have that CD you need it and you should give a copy to everyone of your new distributors that you recruit, it is that awesome…

…I literally listened to it every day for at least 6 months when I first came into this business of MLM.

It will get your head right about this business and if there were ever such a thing as network marketing tips for guaranteed success… Jim provided them in that CD… (it is that good)

You can get this CD on Amazon:

– Here is the link to a single copy of he CD

– I recommend buying them in bulk so you can give them to your team…  here is the link to order 10 at a time.


2 Network Marketing Tips…

The following are 2 Network Marketing Tips to help you get your head right about this business and to get you on the right track to doing great things.

1) Focus on the recruiting process….

Not the results!

Understand this is a 3-5 year journey you are on… give yourself a chance to learn the required skills.

Focus on getting better at the recruiting process and let the results fall where they fall.

The longer you do this the better you will be at recruiting…

The more you practice the better you will be at sponsoring…

The more training calls and events you participate in the better you will be at this business and over time you will start to see results happening!


2) Use 3rd Party Network Marketing tools…

If you have been following my recruiting training’s you have heard me talk about the importance of using 3rd party network marketing tools when you are recruiting.

By doing do you are accomplishing a few things…

First you are taking the stress off of you; you do not have to become a master of presenting your opportunity to prospects. You are letting the tools do the talking.



This allows you to simply be concerned with getting your presentation in front of as many prospects as possible and if the tool is good it will recruit more people for you then you could.

It also shows the prospect how easy this business is. All you did was send them to one of your network marketing tools… simple… and they will see just how simple it is… and as a result more people will realize they can do this business also and join you.


How about you… Do YOU have any Network Marketing Tips you can add to the conversation?

If so share your thoughts below in the comments section!

Video – Network Marketing Tips: Discipline Your Disappointments

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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