Network Marketing Tip: Stick to Your Commitment

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The number one secret ingredient to your success in your network marketing business is not… network marketing tips don't quit

The compensation plan…

The fancy new company….

A fancy dance product…

What others tell you…

The number one secret ingredient to success in your network marketing business is…

“Doing What You Said You Would Do”!

Actually going to work… sticking to your commitment… doing the daily work that is required…


What Is Network Marketing Success…

Success in Network Marketing is finding a product that people will continue to use day after day after day for the rest of their lives…

Then going to work sharing your product and opportunity with at least 2 people every day….

… building a network of people who will use the product forever


… building a network of people who will lock arms with you sharing the product and opportunity with others.

That is what network marketing is!

It is that simple!


Don’t Quit…

It is not jumping from company to company hoping the new company will be the ticket… hoping the new product will do it for you.

It is rolling up your sleeves… putting on our big boy and girl pants and going to work… making it happen… doing what you said you would do… Regardless!

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Why Most People Fail…

Why most people fail is they are not committed….

They make a decision to join,…

…they make commitments they do not stick to and then when the realization that this takes work kicks in and they get a little rejection they are out and off to the next shiny toy…

Like a fish that see’s a lure… zoom they are all over the place….

…zipping around falling for the shine and sparkle instead of staying in the trenches where it is dirty… doing the work that is required.

Blaming their lack of success on the company, compensation plan or anything BUT themselves…


The Best Network Marketing Tip You Will Ever Get

Here is a little secret I will let you in on…

The feeling of excitement you had when you joined any company is going to go away after a while… this happens for everyone in every company!

Makes no difference what company you are with… work is going to be required, hard work… rejection is going to abound… disappointment is going to be experienced…

It is part of the deal!

It is YOU being tested…

Welcome to what the journey to success feels like… it makes the arriving so much better!

…if you quit then you have shown you do not yet have what it takes to make it!


The secret to network marketing success…

…is stick to your commitment…

…if you said you were going to work this for 18 months… you do just that… you go to work and you learn how to do it… you put in the time… you learn the skills… you become who you need to be to make it happen!

And guess what??

It is so worth it… because if you do that success happens!

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And success in Network Marketing is like no other… it is a game changer… it is a life altering deal!

BUT it is on the top shelf…

…not everyone can reach it!

…it is reserved for those who are willing to do what is required to reach success…

…those who are willing to do what they said they would do… those who are not quitters….

Those who have the self discipline to do the daily activities regardless of how they are feeling!


Your Parents were Right…

As our parents always told us…  network marketing success don't quit

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

So lock in gang…

Stop jumping around… if you have found a company where other people have succeed you can too…

Follow their system…

…make a TRUE commitment to yourself… stop lying to yourself… quit once and you will quit again!

…do the work over and over again UNTIL you have made it!

You can do this and I believe in you!


Here is a video I did last year on what success looks like…

The Road to Success is Bumpy

And a post on how to strengthen your resolve to succeed in network Marketing

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Video – Network Marketing Tip: Stick to Your Commitment


Your Turn…  Let me know below in the comments… am I being to harsh here or do you agree?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. So many people think that by jumping from company to company they are going to find the right one… You hit on the head Robb… the challenge is that wherever YOU go there YOU are… you need to make a commitment and make a better YOU!!!

  2. So true. Consistency is definitely the key! Working your business every day. Making the contacts every day.

    No one is going to do it for us.

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