Network Marketing Tip: Recruit the Sharks

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A few years back I took an awesome trip to the Island of Bermuda…  actually sailed the boat in this picture over to Bermuda for their aquarium… if you have never been it needs to become part of your “Bucket List” list….  What a great spot. network marketing tip: recruit the sharks

Anyhow…  while I was on the island I had a chance to head out and do some shark fishing with some locals…  wild to say the least!!

It is interesting because when I look back on that fishing trip I realize that it is a great analogy for how I now build my network marketing business..

You see not to long ago the 3 foot rule and a whole host of other stressful recruiting  & prospecting tactics was how I was building my downline…

And man was my stress level high….  I was irritable and completely and utterly frustrated…  and simply felt like I was heading nowhere fast!


The 3 foot rule especially drove me nuts….

Here I was…  having had already spoken to everyone I knew about my business at least 10 times each…..  tried and failed miserably at cold calling network marketing leads…

…my business was literally stuck, going no where.

I knew that in order to have network marketing success… you MUST keep your opportunity in front of a large number of people every single day…

So having tapped all of the other methods…  my upline was telling me the 3 foot rule was the way to go…

Meaning anyone who came near me in the run of the day I should talk to…  I should get to know!

What a joke!


Talk about desperate measures…

I could just picture myself chasing people down the street with my business card or promotional material in hand…  🙂

Talk about uncomfortable….  talk about no fun and in my personal opinion a complete and utter waste of time.

Yes I will admit that building a network marketing business is a numbers game…

…and I suppose that if you got out on the busiest street corner you know and
solicited enough people day in and day out that eventually you might and I stress MIGHT land a big fish…

But what a stupid plan it really is…

(continued below)

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The Best Network Marketing Tip I Ever Got!

Go after the Big Fish… the Sharks!

And speaking of landing a big fish…  here is where the shark fishing comes in…..

Network marketing tip

A BIG Fish my Dad landed on our adventure!

Think about it… if you were going fishing what is the best plan of action?

Is it to simply just drop your line into any stream, river,or pond that you find…  not having a clue if there is any fish worthwhile catching in there?

Well that is what some people who are simply recreationally fishing do and that is fine…

…they are out to enjoy the sunshine and time with the family etc…  and if they catch a fish it is an added bonus…

But what do the hardcore fisherman do…  what do the people who make a living and in a lot of cases a very nice living fishing do…

…what do the sport fisherman who win the large cash prizes do?


They go where the BIG fish are!

I am telling you now from experience…  these guys know exactly where to find the fish…

…they know exactly the type of fish they are going after…  they know the type of bait to use…  they know the size of the bait to use….  etc!

They are hardcore…  they are dedicated to their art and they land hordes of BIG FISH!!

This is a basic but profound analogy for network marketing success…

If you want to build a big business…  you must go to where the REAL big fish are… the sharks!

You must know where to find them and then you must focus on perfecting your techniques to catch them!

(continued below)


Here are 2 tips to help you find the sharks:

1) Recruit Professionals! 

People who have a ton of credibility, who have influence and who are go getters.

Some of examples of these are:

– Entrepreneurs
– Relators
– Mortgage Brokers

Here is a great post where I share with you how to do this:
How to Recruit Busy People into your Network Marketing Business


2) Attraction Marketing! 

Building relationships with people who are already convinced that a Network Marketing business is an incredible model.

Using the internet to attract go getters to you!

Here is a post I did on how to do attraction marketing.
Attraction Marketing: You must turn strangers into friends

Use this system:

Here is the Attraction Marketing system I recommend you use.


Your Turn What are your experiences recruiting, are you going to now try to go after the bigger fish… the Sharks?


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

P.S. Are you hopelessly TERRIBLE at recruiting?  

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  1. What a fantastic analogy. What you suggest here is also a great approach – go out looking for people and then also do what you can do to attract people to you.

    Fantastic advice!

  2. great Robb, not much more effort to go after sharks than guppies. Love it.`

  3. You are always putting out such great value…. This was one of the best post’s i’ve read in a long time… Professionals and Attraction Marketing…that covers it…Rockstar Robb

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