Network Marketing Tip: Burn That Book

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The following is the best network marketing tip you will ever get…so pay close attention my friend,

And before you read any further…

…what you need to go do is walk into the room or your children’s, nephews/nieces or whatever the case may be and grab the story book of the turtle and the hare… network marketing tips

…you know the one,

…the one that is based on the turtle beating the rabbit in a race… the whole slow and steady wins the race mumbo jumbo!

Take it and burn it…  toss it in the trash…  GET RID OF IT!

Because you see what I am about to share with you is based around that story and is without a doubt the biggest mistake you could ever make in your Network Marketing Business.

And one by the way that I would say AT LEAST 85% of the people who join a company make.

It does not matter if your goal is to make $500 a month… $5000 a month or $50,000 a month.


Failing to do the following is going to cost you BIG TIME.

And that is failing to “Get Off To A Fast Start”!

Here is the deal…  whether people like to hear this or not…

YOU are your Network Marketing business!

Meaning what YOU do your business is going to do.

The pace at which you start your business…  is the pace at which everyone in your downline forever is going to start their business.

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Taking MASSIVE action out of the gates is  crucial to your success!

Taking MASSIVE action when you get started is pure gold in this industry.

You see there is time window when someone gets started in their Network Marketing business that is “Magical”!

A time when people are full of excitement, energy and their belief level is high.

You MUST capitalize on this excitement… this quickly closing window of time!

You MUST build a culture within your organization that takes advantage of this magic window….  and that starts with YOU.


We have all heard about the magic buzz word of “Duplication”,

…well there is no doubt that it is true…  and what you do WILL duplicate within your organization.

If you get off to a fast start…  your team will get off to a fast start…  they will have no choice…

they will immediately understand that this is how the business is built…

…this is what we do here,

…this is how it is done with us.

However the problem is that opposite is true…

….if you languish around,

…if you use the excuse that you are researching the comp plan,

…studying your products,

….getting to know the business first in order to build it,

Well you are in for a world of pain in this industry…

Because everyone in your organization forever will have the same mindset and as a result you will miss out on that magical moment.

And MOST distributors in your organization will quit before they get started!


The secret is forget all your excuses…

…because in the end telling yourself that you must know all the Fluff Stuff… is really just an excuse…  the fact is you are nervous or fearful to get rolling in business making activities!

Forget it all…

…put the rational thinking stuff in the garbage can and just GO FOR IT!

If you are serious about your network marketing success…


Get off to a fast start…  Be a Boss… Crush It!! network marketing like a boss

You have 1 chance at crafting your story… make it a good one!!

Take Action and create an incredible story for yourself and your organization… one that you can and will repeat everywhere you go…

One that your downline will repeat and then emulate!

It makes no difference what your story is as long as it is based around you having taken massive action…

It could be an income story like mine was…

“I earned $4191.50 in my first two weeks”

It could be a rank advancement story…  “I reached director in my first month”

Now I know some of you are saying well what if I do not have that type of story…

…relax it makes no difference…

because  your story  can even be simply an all out action story….

“I spoke with 100 – 200 people in my first week in business”


I held “3 home meetings in my first 10 days”…

It makes no difference as long as it is a story that sets the tone in a seriously action oriented way.

This is serious stuff….

If you go the other route and take your time… and try to learn everything and straighten your office 400 times…  talk to 2 people a week… you are doomed.

No matter how you try to sell it to your downline…  they will know the truth…  they will hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes.

They will know you took your time and there was no urgency and that is exactly how they will do it.

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Thanks for the Network Marketing Tip Robb But…

I Have Been in My Business For Two Years… What Can I Do?

Now if you have been in your Network Marketing business for sometime and you do not have a good action oriented story…  have no fear.


“You Can Start OR Re-Start Your Business At ANY Time”!!

Meaning start today…  create your story RIGHT NOW!

… take massive action in the next 10 days,

…set the tone for your organization NOW…  “It Is NEVER To Late”!


Network Marketing Tip: Major Blast & Micro Bursts…

This is why we build our organization… with as a strategy called a “MAJOR BLAST”….  I learnt this from my mentor Eric Worre, and it works awesome.

…it means we go hard…  we drive it…

we take Massive Action right out of the gates…  we go hard hard hard for a good 3 months…

Then we re-group…  work with the team…  charge up our batteries…  get re-focused and then CHARGE again…

We call this 2nd charge and each consecutive charge there after “Micro Bursts”!


Massive Action is a Game Changer…

Anytime MASSIVE ACTION is taken…  big things happen…  major rank advancements are seen…  checks go up…  excitement is high..  etc!

So much better then slow and steady wins the race…  slow is boring…  steady is lame…  the turtle does not win in this industry EVER!

EXCITEMENT & ACTION are what builds Massive Downlines & Serious Residual Income Checks in Network Marketing every time!


Your Turn…  what do you think? Comment below and let me know!  

Is Massive Action the key to network marketing success… or slow and steady?


Video – Network Marketing Success: Burn the Book!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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