Network Marketing Success: What’s Really Holding You Back?

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Network Marketing Success: What’s Really Holding You Back?

Ok Rant time gang!!

So what is really holding you back from success in your network marketing business? Network marketing success

..what is it Really?

What is the real reason you are not rocking your network marketing business?

It can’t be for a lack of knowledge on how to do it?

Please don’t try to tell yourself that!

The internet is saturated with how to build your downline…

You know how to build this business…

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Deep down you know you are simply just not doing the deal!

In the end You know it is simply just a matter of doing it!

This is a people business… share your opportunity with people and you will have success… that’s it!

No magic system is going to do that for you…

Being in a new company or one of the top network marketing companies makes no difference in the end…

And no secret recruiting method is going to make it any easier for you…

Network Marketing Success is Simple…

…it boils down to simply meeting people, developing a relationship with them and then asking them if they are open to looking at your opportunity!

Want success start sharing your business with at least 2 people a day…

Want to go fast… share your network marketing business with at least 10 people a day…

Yup 10!

And yup it is possible if you really want it!

 (continued below)

Social media sites like facebook make this so easy it is ridiculous!

If someone had of told us 10 years ago that there would be this place where you can meet as many people as you like and develop a relationship with them in under 5 minutes…

Us networkers would have been salivating at the mouth!!

Well guess what we have it now… it is real…

but guess what…. still people complain about not having enough leads!

Nope sorry… it is not about not having enough leads… it is about not having enough desire! Plain and simple!

If you want it… it is there for the taking, the choice is yours!

Rant is over! 🙂


Your Turn:  Comment and let me know what you think is REALLY holding people back!?!


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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. You are so right…. it’s all about people….. you know I’ve always thought that the good news with network marketing is it’s all about people….. the bad news sometimes is it’s all about people. We have to develop those relationships and that takes time, effort and loving on your people… Thanks Robb for sharing…

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