Network Marketing Success Tip: Don’t Jump All In

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Network Marketing Success Tip: Don’t Jump All In

What?!?!  Don’t jump all in Robb?

I can hear the critics shouting now, what do you mean do not jump all in… Of course I need to be all in!?!? network marketing success, don't jump all in

First I did not say do not be all in… YES you MUST be all in.

…YOU must make the decision that you are going to have network marketing success if you truly want it.


What I mean is do not join a network marketing company and try to do it all at once…

See the problem for most is they make a decision to join business and then go from being an employee with an employee mindset, and having no business building skills… to trying to do everything to build a network marketing business at once…

.. They try (unsuccessfully) to go from doing nothing productive to doing it all over night…

And what happens is when they fall flat on their face because they bite off more then they can handle… they get frustrated and quit.

And the problem was they …figured they could be just like Clark Kent jumping into a phone booth and coming out as super man…


…that’s it I was a non-recruiter, I was somebody not doing anything to build a business to instantly… whaap-o… I am now a high powered do it all and do it now super duper recruiting machine!!


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A great analogy that I use is of people who go swimming in cold… the polar beer dippers

There are 2 types…

Type #1: The person who takes a running leap and cannon balls into water…  takes the plunge… (jumps right in ker-splash-o!)


Type #2: The person who tip toes, one inch at a time into the water…  letting their body get use to the temperature change as they go.

Guess who stays in the water the longest?

Almost always it is the 2nd person.

The 1st person, jumps in, has a major shock to their system and almost always makes a bee-line for the shore to get out of the water as fast as possible.

Where as the 2nd person, has no problem swimming for as long as they want, because they slowly got use to it!!

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So how does this relate to having Network Marketing Success?

Well what I typically see is people saying that this is it I am going to become successful in this industry and start recruiting everyone RIGHT NOW!

Then instead of learning the skills required, instead of picking one recruiting strategy and mastering it before moving on to the next…  they try to do it all!

=> They start recruiting on facebook…

=> or building an attraction marketing system…

=> or running ads offline…

=> or making a new warm market list…

=> or prospecting professionals…

ALL at once!

They do too much and of course get overwhelmed and give up!



Instead Do This & Succeed…

What you need to do is pick one method…  there are lots of great network marketing books or training’s to show you how to master one skill set… learn it, practice it, get good at it.. and only after you have had success with that 1 method and determine that you are ready to add another method, go and do that!

But give yourself time gang… these are new skills you are learning… relax and do not let your head go all crazy on you!

This is not a race gang…  this industry ALREADY is the short cut to success in life, do not look for a short cut to to the short cut there is none!!

Network Marketing success is simply a process and a decision to do it.

So make your decision to become a  Professional in this industry and then go and do it, one Baby Step At a Time!!


Video – Network Marketing Success: How to Build a International Team

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love it! Great value!

  2. What a great article Robb….. Never thought of it in that way but it makes sense…. Thanks for sharing

    • Robb Corbett says:

      Hey Ron, for sure, overwhelm in my experience has been a big factor in people quitting on their dreams… baby steps! 🙂

  3. Robb great advice to help those stay on point and finish! BOOM! =) Great share my man, Great stuff.

  4. Some greats points you raise here Robb! So glad I read it!

  5. Great article Robb!!! I love the idea of not getting too tangled in taking on everything at once. I think everyone needs to hear this when starting a new company. Great tips and suggestions! Rock on!

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