Network Marketing Success: The Weak Don’t Make It

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Stop slouching….  put your shoulders back….   stand up straight…  stand tall…  head back…. be proud!

Wow… can I remember those words my mother always said to me…  seems like yesterday! Network marketing success be strong

And do you know what?  She was right!

There is no doubt about it….. hearing those words from my Mother growing up helped me to become who I am.

=> It is called having Posture!

=> It is called being Confident!

=> It is called having Self Esteem!

You see gang these traits are traits that you must have in order to become a Network Marketing Success….

…It is called becoming a Leader!


Prospects Want to Work With Leaders…

People are attracted to people who are sure of themselves.  People always want to team up with the leader.

People need to feel that the person they are taking guidance from knows where he/she is going…  they need to have confidence in the fact that this person is taking them to the promise land!

Leaders are the ONLY people who create the serious wealth…  the beach living wealth….  the roll out of bead when you want wealth…. the hey I am picking up and heading to Europe today wealth!

And leaders have posture…  leaders have value to give to people.

Being a good follower will allow you to earn some pretty good money in this industry…

…but becoming the person that has value to offer others is who people will follow and this is the golden key that will open the door to all of your dreams becoming a reality.


Anyone Can Make the Decision to Become a Leader…

And gang never never never ever……..  buy into the lie that leaders are born… that is nothing but crap!

Leaders are made!!

People become leaders…

…because they make the decision to do so…  they step up and say I am tired of mediocrity…  I am tired of struggling and barely getting by….  I will do what it takes and I will make the changes!

Anyone can make this decision… anyone can become a leader…  Anyone can become a network marketing success… IF they make the decision to do so.

Will it take some work and effort?  Absolutely….  but anyone can do it.

Really in the end… becoming a leader is about developing confidence in yourself and your abilities…..

It is about developing a skill set or a set of skills that others will see valuable.

As soon as you start to develop this confidence…  as soon as you start to develop the skill sets….  others will notice…. they will be drawn to you…

This is the bases of the “LAWS OF ATTRACTION”!

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What Area’s Are You Lacking In?

So…  look at yourself…  look at the areas you need to develop……

Determine the areas you need to work on and then go work on them…

This industry is full of network marketing success stories of people who just made the decision and went out and did what they had to do to make it!

How are your prospecting phone skills?

Are you a good recruiter on the phone…  this is a key skill set to have…  even if you are using the internet to develop your own leads…  you will still need to pick that phone up and make the calls!

The key to becoming good on the phone is to have posture….  do not beg people to join you…  do not try and sell you business…  do not chase people…  these activities are WEAK!


Prospects Run Away from Weakness!!

Be strong and have posture…  do not be rude…  but be in control…  control the conversation by asking questions……

Do not get into answering questions…..  you are interviewing this person to see if they are worthy of your time!!!

If they are not worth your time do not hesitate to end the conversation right away… you are looking for those who are looking and willing to play your game!!

This is how a leader does it!!!

The secret is to focus on developing the areas you are weak in:

=> if it is public speaking then simply go out and do some public speaking.

=> if it is developing leads then go out and learn how to generate leads.

=> if it is prospecting, go out and learn to be a rock start recruiter.


Always be Learning…

“Leaders are Readers”!

Always be improving and growing…

Invest in yourself…  buy the courses and books….  I am always buying a new course or network marketing book to help me grow…  always looking to find that one extra golden nugget I am not aware of yet!!

Becoming a network marketing success is simply a decision to do what it takes to make it happen!


Your Turn…

Let us know in the comments below what is the 1 quality that ALL leaders have?


Video – Network Marketing Success: Are You Strong Enough?

Be sure to comment below and let me know if you got value!


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great post Robb… One thing to consider that I’ve always found true is this… John Maxwell talks about how no matter how much we work on an area in our lives as far as skill, it’s found that we can improve it only 2-3 points from where we are. If we work on our weaknesses maybe at a 2 we maybe able to get to a 4 or 5, but if we work on our strengths maybe a 5 or 6 we can become an 8 or 9…. just a thought.. Some of the greatest athletes that we know have done just that…. Thanks for sharing …

  2. Awesome value! Posture is so important and I love how you said to self reflect. I truly believe all too leaders are those who self reflect! Another awesome post Robb!

  3. Excellent post and excellent advice!

    I used to think that leaders were born but I really discovered that leaders are developed and anyone can become a leader.

  4. totally! no room for weakness here!

  5. Great post Robb. We just have to decide to be a leader and “just do it”. I appreciate your writing style as well. Thanks.

  6. Another great post from Rob. My sincere congrats. And thanks for excellent tip: leaders are readers – touche.
    Regards, Matija, Slovenia

  7. Hey Robb I love it you are absolutely right the weak will not make it happen, you have to develop your mind and be stronger and step into a leadership role and consistently give value and then will happen only if you work on yourself every day.

    Awesome post!


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