Network Marketing Success: The Real Secret

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ah yes… the secret to the ever elusive network marketing success!

What is it and does a secret to success in your network marketing business really exist?

I would not even like to think back on how many years I searched for that one secret…Network Marketing Success The Real Secret

…how many courses I purchased looking for that one secret,

… how many network marketing books I bought looking for that one secret,

… and how many network marketing opportunities I joined looking for that one secret that I had to be missing,

…that in my mind was the Only thing I was missing and if I could just find it then Residual Income Heaven would be mine for the taking!

Do you find yourself spending most of your business building time goggling how to become a network marketing success… verses actually being engaged in business building activities?

Are you convinced there must be some magic mlm marketing system that would instantly transform you into a MLM rock star?

I know most of you reading this would find yourself in these situations…

I know I was exactly like that…

… always looking for that next thing,

… always searching for that one easy way to sponsor hordes of people into my network marketing business effortlessly!

Can you relate? If so keep reading because here is what you have been looking for:


(continued below)

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The Real Secrets to Network Marketing Success

Yes I said Secrets (Plural),

… because the truth is there is not just one secret… there are a few that you must understand and apply,

… and in reality they are not secrets at all… but for the sake of keeping this blog post suspenseful we will stick with calling them secrets!

So are you ready? Oh oh oh I can sense your excitement through internet land!


MLM Success Secret #1: Your success in your business is 100% up to you!

No company can do it for you.

No leader can do it for you.

No marketing system can do it for you.

Only YOU can do it for you!

The Secret to success for those who you see up on front of the stage who have been successful for years in this industry of network marketing is..

… long ago they realized that the only way they could have success was to take 100% responsibility for their success!

They stopped blaming their lack of skill set… instead they went out and learned the required skill sets. (meeting people, inviting them to look at opportunity, following up, team building)

They stopped blaming their crappy upline who did not support them… instead they got around people who would support them and help them become what they needed to become to be a success.

They stopped blaming their network marketing company and started realizing that people join people not companies… they started realizing that they needed to develop into the type of person a prospect wants to partner with.


MLM Success Secret #2: Network Marketing Success Takes Time

Most people are brought into this industry under false pretenses.

They are recruited into a downline by someone who uses Get Rick Quick recruiting techniques.

They are told they can make big money with hardly any effort in no time flat.

So they get roped in and when the truth becomes obvious…

i.e. that MLM is no get rich quick scheme… that in fact it is going to take work and effort and they will get tons of rejection… they up and Quit!

The Secret for those who are at the front of the stage at your company events is that they came to the realization that their network marketing success was going to take time…

… that it was going to take effort.  network marketing success is attitude

… that they were going to have to learn how to handle rejection.

BUT they got excited and you should too… because they realized that if they understood this… that if they adopted this type of mindset…

…then they would eventually have success in their business,

… they would eventually create an incredible residual income stream,

… they would create an awesome lifestyle filled with joy and time freedom.

The truth is that your Network Marketing Success will take anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on your skill set and how much time you put into your business daily or weekly!

The cool thing is you determine how fast your success comes.

Want to go faster… focus on improving your skill sets and putting in more time!

The other cool thing is that anyone can have success in their network marketing business regardless of skill set… simply sow seeds (i.e. share your business opportunity with others)…

…and eventually those seeds will take root and your business will flourish!

Which leads us to the next success secret…

(continued below)


MLM Success Secret #3: Network Marketing Success is as a result of recruiting!

Get it in your head… understand it… live it.. and learn to become good at it!

Success in this industry is Recruiting!

I once heard Dani Johnson say that she did not care if you were making $200 a month or $200,000.00 per month… if you were not recruiting new reps into your downline she could guarantee that your business was going backwards!

One of the myths of this business of Network Marketing is the myth of the “Walk Away” income…

You see I personally do not believe that is true, I do not think you can ever walk away from your business and have it continue to grow… and IF it happens it is a very very rare thing!

The reality is that ALL your job is in this industry is to always be sharing your opportunity with prospects… for the rest of career!

You do not have to become a world class sales man and in fact I encourage you not to become one, (because this is not a sales business)…

… but what you have to become good at is meeting people whether that be online or off…

…and then simply inviting them to look at your network marketing business…

…and lastly following up with them to collect their decision!

That is it! EASY!

…do this over and over and over and over again and I truly believe that anyone can have Network Marketing Success!


Not Convinced Yet?  Check these resources out, they will get you there!


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Your Turn Agree or Disagree? I am cool either way… so Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. You let the big secret out the bag about having network marketing success when you said recruiting. As the saying goes it’s easier to get new blood in your business than to try and revive old blood. Appreciate this Rob good stuff!

  2. “Want to go faster… focus on improving your skill sets and putting in more time!” Well said Robb.
    Appreciate the mindset encouragement! Way to light it up.

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