Network Marketing Success: How to Build an International Team

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Network Marketing Success: How to Build an International Team

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Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have team members all around the world?  Have teams growing in each corner of the world?

How great it would be to travel around to different countries working with your downline there and have it all as a tax write off? network marketing success

Pretty sweet eh?

Myself I have had team members in many countries, large organizations in Ireland, the UK and even some growth in Japan…

Got to spend St. Patty’s Day in Ireland was a definite Bucket List deal!

So how do you go about having network marketing success in other countries?

Do you go out and buy network marketing leads from other countries?

Do you fly across to the ocean and start using the 3 foot rule in whatever country you want to build in?

I would suggest none of the above..

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Here are my Top 2 strategies For Network Marketing Success Internationally…


Network Marketing Tip #1 for International Growth: Build Locally!!

Huh… what? Come again Robb?

How could focusing on building locally allow me to recruit people in other countries.

Because my friend what happens is when you build a strong local presence, it is inevitable that you r business will start to grow in other parts of the world…  people locally will happen to know someone in Japan (happened to me)… people locally will know people in the UK (happened to me)… and people locally will know people in Ireland (happened to me).

You build a very strong local presence, you put the infrastructure in place and you show your team how to build the business correctly and when it starts to spread and it will…  the people doing the spreading… will do it correctly… they will follow the process you have in place… and you will start to create network marketing success stories around the globe which will attract more people into your international business…

Here are two other posts of mine that will help you build a strong local business:

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Network Marketing Tip #2 for International Growth: Social Media

Facebook is an incredible tool for this if you use it correctly!

Fist do not spam people… I have a group on Facebook that to be honest I have neglected and it has grown to over 14,000 people… and I would estimate that 13, 863 of them are doing nothing but spamming…

Over night that group gets over 100 spams posts!

I have since locked it down so no one can spam… but WOW!



People wake up… spamming does not work.

Relationships work!

So decide where you want to build your business… what part of the world… and simply get on Facebook and go out and make friends in those parts of the world.

Some of the best network marketing leads I have ever generated have come from Social Media… some of the coolest people I have ever met have come from social media.

Set a goal of how many people you are going to meet daily… AND how many conversations you will have daily… and then stick to it.

Just keep in mind, friends first before business!


So how about you… what is your favorite way of recruiting people form other Countries into your Network Marketing business?

Let us know in the comments below.


Video – Network Marketing Success: How to Build a International Team

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love the build locally tip….. people just don’t equate that to building an international team… Thanks Robb

    • Robb Corbett says:

      No most don’t but it is a solid way to make it happen. I have built more internationally by focusing on my local area then any other method.

  2. Robb! Great Tips For Local and International Team Building. Nothing Drives Depth in an organization like working with the people closest to you! I love these ideas you have shared! Thanks a ton! This is going to help me and my international team to keep it simple. Great share my friend! Appreciate ya Cheers!

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