Network Marketing Recruiting Without Using The Phone

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It is wild to me how so many people not only hate to pick up the phone and call their leads, but how so many of them are terrified of that phone!

They hate it so much they try to do everything possible to avoid having to use the phone…. network marketing recruiting use the phone

So can you have success in your network marketing recruiting without using the phone?

Ah….  NOPE!

There simple as that, end of story, that is your answer… and the TRUTH!


The Truth Will Set You Free…

So the sooner you understand this truth the sooner you can go onto network marketing success!

If you are dead against the phone then get out of network marketing…

… save yourself some time, pain and money and go get into internet market, affiliate marketing, selling stuff that does not require a personal relationship or the use of the phone!

The hate and/or fear of the phone is why so many people get sucked into some of the schemes and supposed “network marketing training” programs out there that tell you that you can build a downline 100% on auto pilot.


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Beware People Trying to Sell You Quick Fixes…

Marketers are smart… they look for a need or want in the market place and then they try to fill it…

They know that most network marketers hate the phone… so they come up with these fancy dancy programs and systems to sell to you that  they proclaim you can build you a business that does not require you to get on the phone…

News Flash… these schemes do not work…

…you may get some initial sales…  you may recruit a few people but the business will implode on itself guaranteed!


Network Marketing Recruiting is Relationship Marketing.

Gang network marketing success is all about relationship marketing!!

The fact is you will NEVER build a successful downline without picking up the phone.

…even if you recruit 500 people all on auto pilot (which you would have to be a mad scientist of internet marketing to pull that off)… but if you did…

Even then you would NEVER create a successful network marketing business…

It would be like a house of cards, the first little wind that came along would blow it all down…

Why you ask?

Because there is no relationship… you are just some guy/gal behind a computer…

…you have never built the bond with your prospects and/or team mates and they will disappear as fast as they came…

They will be gone after that the first shiny get rich quick scheme that crosses their path!


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The Internet is a GREAT Tool…

Do not get me wrong…  you can generate network marketing leads on the Internet… but you must, you must, you must, pick up the phone and speak with people!

You must develop the type of relationship with your prospect that can only be done through a real life conversation!

The only way to get over that fear is to pick up that phone and start smiling and dialling!

The more you talk on the phone the easier it becomes…

In fact I would wager that for most people… within making 5 – 10 calls to their leads, the fear is gone!

It will shock you how fast you get over your fear or discomfort of using the phone…

And even better… you will be shocked at how fast your recruiting efforts, double and even triple!

So get at it… do it right and get the results you are wanting…

Network marketing recruiting is not hard gang…

…once you get it in your head what it is all about and how it works… it even becomes fun… don’t let a tiny little fear of a phone hold you back from your greatness!


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Video Can You Have Network Marketing Success Without Using the Phone


Your Turn What do you think?  Do you agree with me or do you think I am full of it?  Can you or can’t you build a network marketing business without the phone?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. love it… it is exactly that relationship marketing… nothing more, nothing less… great post Robb

  2. OH this is so spot on! I actualy really enjoy for the most part talking to people. They generally open up if you ask the right questions.

  3. I loved this article and the way you approach this topic. I totally agree with you, talking on the phone is so important. It was hard for me to do it, I was so afraid to talk on the phone about my business even with my own family. Fortunately, I am learing and now the phone is my friend! and my results are improving. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Well said, and you are correct on the main difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing!

  5. Awesome i fear using the phone but from now i will

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