Network Marketing Recruiting: Say Less to More People

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Network Marketing Recruiting: Say Less to More People

Are you having a hard time recruiting new distributors into your Network Marketing business.  Struggling to get people to say yes to your opportunity? Network Marketing Recruiting: Say Less to More People

If so I can virtually guarantee that you are Saying Waaaayyy to much to your prospects and absolutely not talking to enough people about your business.

And how could you talk to enough people if you are working this business part time and doing a full blown sales (begging) presentation to everyone you talk to?


The secret formula to your recruiting is two fold:

Say Less to More People…

Lets look at both of these components of the formula:


1) Network Marketing Recruiting: Say Less

It is the funniest thing to me… people get into Network Marketing from ALL walks of life and all different professions…

Could be engineers, nurses, truck driver stay at home Mom, whatever…

And as soon as they get into Network Marketing they instantly become Mr. or Mrs. Late Night Infomercial Pitch Man…

And they are off….  blah blah yadda yadda ya…  blah blah blah… waaaaaa

Selling and selling and selling…

Talking about the million ways to make money…  the fancy dancy miracle working product they are selling… the exotic world wide trips you can win… they go on and on for an eternity…

…and the whole time all their prospect is thinking is how in the hell can I get out of here …like right freaking now?!?

Two things with this…

#1: You are NOT a sales person!

#2: Your prospect does NOT want to become a sales person.


No Sales Pitches

Guaranteed you are not doing your opportunity any justice with going into your sales pitch…

…and the whole time you are selling, your prospect is saying “No way I am doing this, I do not want to sell”.

See your prospect is watching you… and they are thinking that whatever you are doing they will have to do also if they join your business.

So the key is to show them how EASY this business is..

And that is why we let our tools do the talking, sharing, selling and closing for us…

YOUR only job is to get them to watch the presentation and then collect a decision from them.

That is it!

Keep it simple…  “Hey JOHN I just got involved in this new opportunity I  am super pumped about, I want you to check it out, here is a website (dvd,cd,sizzle call, etc) can you check it out for me tonight?”

That is it… then follow back up, and collect their decision… do they want to join, do they not want to join, do they need more information?

That is it!  EASY, simple and your prospect will see just how easy it is!


2) Network Marketing Recruiting: More People

Most people get stuck beating up and harassing the 10 people who they are closest to.

The more people you expose to your business the more people are going to join your business…

2 a day is fine and you will see some action… 5 a day is better… and if you want to go really fast show your network marketing business to at least 10 people a day every day!

This is all your job is…  build a network… find people daily to share your business with…

This is not a training to teach you where to find people… there is lots of that type of training on this site… but I will say that “People are Everywhere”… our planet is over run with them!  Smile

That’s it gang… that is the secret to Network Marketing recruiting… now it is up to you to go and do it.


Sooo… whatcha think?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you got any value from this also let me know in the comment section.

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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