Network Marketing Recruiting: Leave the Emotion Out of It

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Network Marketing Recruiting: Leave the Emotion Out of It

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Most people who fail at recruiting do so because they are so damn attached to whether their prospect joins their business or not.

Personally… I could give a flying flip whether the person I am speaking with on the phone (or in person) joins my business or not! Network Marketing Recruiting leave the emotion out of it

Now don’t misunderstand me…  I wish for everyone out there to see what I see…  to get it…  and to join with me and rock it…  I wish for everyone to have success!

But I know this is simply not reality! (So I don’t sweat it for a second!)

My success is not dependent on any one prospect joining me in my Network Marketing business.

What is reality in Network Marketing is that this is a numbers game…

What is reality is that if I have enough people to constantly be sharing my business with… that a good portion of them are going to join my business…

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Your Success in Network Marketing is a Numbers Game…

So gang when you hear that this business is a “Sorting Business”…  Believe it!

That is all this is!

Your job is first to find a method to ALWAYS have prospects in your funnel..  Always have people to talk to!  (this is crucial…  if your upline is not showing you ways to do this, dump them fast!)

Then it is simply a matter of sorting through them…  by sharing your business by way of 3rd party tools (business presentation, DVD, website, etc  etc)!

Let the tools do the talking!

That is it…



Leave the Emotion out of it…

Do not get emotionally attached to ANY prospect you are talking too…

They are NOT what your success hinges on!

You have what they need and if they do not see it then you need to thank them for not wasting any more of your precious time! Smile

There is nothing worse then wasting your time and energy trying to drag someone into the business and then once they are in trying to get them to do the deal!

The little upfront signing bonus you are paid is simply not worth the pain!

So spend your time in rain making activity…  keep filling that funnel with new people and sorting through them looking for the winners!  (the people who get it)

When you get your head truly around what it is we are doing as professional Network Marketers this business becomes so much easier.

Work the numbers and I promise you the good people will show up… the people this business is for will show up…  it happens every single time.

Just get good at dumping the No’s fast, not letting them bother you and keep seeking those Yes’s!

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE!! 🙂

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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