Network Marketing Prospecting: The Magic of Third Party Tools

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Network Marketing Prospecting: The Magic of Third Party Tools

Are you having a hard time getting your prospects to take your network marketing business seriously?

In today’s blog post and video (below) I will explain to you a recruiting method that is crucial for you to adopt and starting using right away. 3rd party tools network marketing

In a lot of my recent posts and videos I have been making reference to using the power of 3rd party tools when recruiting…  And it has dawned on me that possibly some of you do not fully understand this concept and strategy.


So today we will take a deeper look…

Now Pay Attention… digest this information… understand it… master it… because you and your organization NEED to be doing this regardless of whatever method you are using for recruiting prospects!

Here is what the majority of network marketers do when speaking with a prospects…

They get ALL freaking excited that they have someone to share their business opportunity with that they literally PUKE all over them…

They just run off at the mouth…

They go from their day job career of being a plumber… to being the worlds best sales man in their mind…

They just go blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah… all over the person…

“oh the money… you can earn it this way and that way and with a blue hat and a red hat… the product… it has this ingredient that does this, it has that ingredient that has that… it has 40 of these ingredients that do this that that this and that…  oh the trips you can win…  if you qualify by doing this this this this and this you will get to go here…”

They don’t shut up… they go on and on and on… they draw circles of the compensation plan… they list all the ingredients of the product… they ramble and ramble and ramble.

And do you know what your prospect is thinking the whole time…

“Holy shite when is this guy going to shut his freaking pie hole… how do I get out of here… this is INSANE!”

See there are two problems with this….


Problem #1) YOU are NOT a sales person…  you are most likely NOT a business person… and you are most likely not a product expert…

Your prospect KNOWS This… they know YOU!

…they are thinking how the heck does my buddy who is a plumber all of a sudden think he is Donald Trump and why does he think I would EVER listen to him about business advice?

They KNOW You and they know you do not know jack squat about business… so to them you have NO credibility!


Problem #2)

The one thing people HATE worse them being sold to is the thought that in order to be successful they also have to SELL!

People hate selling… it scares the “Be-Jumpins” out of them…

Sooo… with the above example (which 99% of you are doing in one fashion or another)…  you are a sales person.

Your prospect is standing there watching you TRY to sell…

They are thinking… ok no FREAKING Way I am doing this…

I can’t sell… I don’t want to sell… would he please hurry the heck up and shut up so I can make an excuse and get the heck out of here!


The Solution…

So of course there is a solution to this… and it is CRUICAL that you master this very very very very very very very EASY… strategy…

It is called 3rd party tools…

A third party tool is ANYTHING you use that shares the business opportunity with your prospect OTHER then yourself…

This could be any of the following:

– Website
– CD (mp3)
– Hotel business presentation
– Sizzle call
– 3-way call with upline
– Etc…

What this does is it puts a buffer between YOU and the opportunity…

Your prospect is no longer looking at you and saying they do not know what they are talking about… because it is NOT you talking… it is the “EXPERT” in the video they are watching… the person who in their mind is obviously qualified to share the information (where you are not)…

… this adds CREDIBILITY to the network marketing opportunity in front of them now.

And it is also now showing them how easy this business is…

They are watching you simply provide them with a tool that does all the selling, telling and sharing of the opportunity for you…


They are thinking in their mind…

Ok… this is pretty simple… all my buddy did was hand me a DVD…  that is incredibly easy… I CAN DO THIS!

Gang… grasp this concept… really get it into your head… watch my video on this… and start doing this right away… it is a game changer for you!

Soo… what’cha think?  Are you using third party tools now?  Let me know in the comments what your experience is..

If you got value from this let me know… and I appreciate it if you would share this on Facebook and Twitter.

(ok this video cracks me up as it is an oldie but a goodie… long hair and no gray hair for Robb… )

To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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