Network Marketing Leads Cold Calling Scripts

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Network Marketing Leads Cold Calling Scripts

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Are you searching for a way to add more distributors to your network marketing business?  Looking to find out if cold calling MLM leads will work? Network Marketing Leads Cold Calling Scripts

There is no question that calling Network Marketing Cold Leads works.  There are countless people who have created significant six figure incomes doing so.

So to say it does not work is simply stupid!

But like anything else worthwhile it takes time and effort and training to learn the skills to become good at it.

So like anything else most people will give it a try, called 5 leads or so, fail flat on their face, get discouraged, quit and then because they can’t handle to put the blame on themselves say Cold Calling leads does not work.

The truth is … that if you approach calling cold leads the wrong way you will become very frustrated and will waste a ton of money on leads and quit!

My advice if you want to build your network marketing business calling cold leads is that you focus your time on just this method of recruiting UNTIL you have become proficient at it.

The problem with most networkers is they try and do ALL the recruiting methods at once, cold calling leads, social media, attraction marketing, blogging, etc.

This is a sure fire recipe for becoming overwhelmed…

The key is to ALWAYS be working your warm market and then pick ONLY one other recruiting method and stay with it until you become good at it.


What About Network Marketing Leads Cold Calling Scripts

When it comes to calling cold leads you want to be scripted but not sound like you are reading a script.

The difference between these two things is simply knowing what to say verses reading from a script and sounding like a robot.

In other words become natural sounding… learn what to say, but then put the script or format you are going to use in your OWN words!


The Secret To Success Calling Network Marketing Cold Leads

The secret to this recruiting strategy is to sort through the garbage leads fast…  you are looking for the diamond in the rough.  The 3%-5% from your leads who are actually good prospects.

Do not try and turn a bad prospect into a good prospect…  that is not your job.

You are simply sorting through your leads, looking at what you got in front of you trying to find the good stuff!


When Calling Cold Leads Have Posture

Stop sounding weak.  Do not prospect from a weak spot…  be strong,…  you are the boss…  you are the champ…  you KNOW the secret to success….

So do not try and sell people… They need to sell you on why you should spend time with them… (See the difference…it’s HUGE!)

Do not be desperate…

You have something they need… have that posture…  you are calling because they requested information…  you have what they need…  you do NOT need them…  you are Interviewing them to see if they are worth your time!


Ok Robb, But What Do I Say to My Network Marketing Cold Leads?

Keep it simple…

When you get them on the phone it is simply something “like” the following:

“Hey John, Robb Corbett here, you requested information recently about starting a business form home, just curious are are you still looking for a way to make money from home if I can show you how”?

That’s it…

If they say no… let them go, be nice…  but get off the phone…  if they sounded sharp put them in your calendar to follow up with them in 3 months…  See if anything ahs changed in their life and if they are now ready to look at your business.

“Hey John, we spoke 3 moths ago you had been looking for a way to make money from home, are you still looking have you found a way, would you like me to show you what I am doing”.

If the lead was rude, arrogant or uncooperative, get rid of them…

If they tell you they are still looking do not go all ape shit and start spewing all over them… relax you are still Mr. Postured…  they STILL have NOT proven to you why they are worth your time.

Say something like… “Ok…  Here’s what I will do for you John…  we are extremely busy pre-screening people who have asked to work with us…  lets do this… tell me why you believe we should spend time with you on this”.



Let them tell you…  then have a few questions ready for them…  (what do you do now, have you ever built a home based business before… how much money are you looking to make?  WHY?)

Then if they are wroth your time, close it by telling them you are going to allow them to check out some information on what you are doing…  give them a 3rd party prospecting tool (website, DVD, etc.)… AND set a follow up date and time, be firm on this and stress you are busy and if they can not make the appointment they need to let you know as other people can use that time slot!  Posture!!

The sharps ones that still are not ready be sure to follow up in 90 days…  This adds to your Ever Expanding Prospect List….

Then simply rinse and repeat… do it over and over again… and eventual;ly as the late Jim Rohn said… “Your Getting Better”!

Calling network marketing cold leads works if you take the time to learn the strategy!

(Take this training with you, download the PodCast below)

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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