Network Marketing Doesn’t Owe You Anything

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Funny thing about our business of network marketing and in fact life in general…

Most people would rather complain and mumble and grumble about how hard things are and how they do not network marketing does not owe you anythingwork…

…or how the successful people must have gotten lucky… instead of just getting to work and staying there!

The key to your success in your network marketing business is to Get Up Off Your Butt…

Stop just sitting around complaining about how hard building your network marketing business is go out and get it done!


Network Marketing does not owe you anything!

No one else is going to do the work for you…

The Calvary ain’t coming to save your butt…

If it is to be it is up to YOU!

As Jim Rohn said” Nobody Can Do Your Push Ups For You”!


Speaking of push ups…

Isn’t it wild how eerily similar the Gym is to Network Marketing?

Nobody says that working out does not work because they know they would be laughed at… they can’t get away with that excuse.

Because of course the Gym works… but if you do not get in shape… if you do not get the results you desired it is YOUR fault and YOU KNOW IT!

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Same with Your Network Marketing business…

Of course it works…

…it is the best route to success in life available to the normal every day person and it has been proven time and time again…


Network Marketing is NOT on trial…

If you work it will work for you.

Just like the gym… if you come up with your plan and stick to it day in and day out you are going to get in rocking dead sexy shape baby!

Same with your business… if you focus on recruiting and getting better and better at it every single day you are going to create one dead sexy lifestyle through your business… oh ya!


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So stop looking for the easy way…

Stop whining about how hard it is… or how this person quit or that person did not join… or that goof ball called Network Marketing a scam… put your head down down and push on… do the work.

Not that I am a Brittany Spears fan… although I have been known to drop a dance move or two with my little daughters when a catchy beat comes on…

ANYWAY… as one of Brittany songs says…

“You Gotta Work Bitch”! LOL

(my daughters do not listen to that one so relax!!)

Funny title to a song… a bit harsh and crude… But no truer words were ever spoken!

So get at it… get to work… get into the game and stay there!!

Remember Network Marketing does not owe you a dang thing… but it can pay you oh so well if you do the work!


Your Turn So What’cha think? Is this message to simple, is this all there really is to Network Marketing Success? Or is it more complicated and is there some hidden secret?

Let us know in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love it Rob! Get up off your butt! Just about sums everything up. Great message. Thanks!

  2. no ifs, ands, or butts, it works – right?

  3. Amen Robb… stop with the excuses and start with the working… no one is going to build your business for you… especially your upline…. right on target.

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