Naturally Massive Review – Week 4 Review – Growth Phase DONE

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Naturally Massive Review – Week 4 Review – Growth Phase DONE!

Alright… week 4 is in the books!

This means I have just finished 2 weeks of Growth Phase on the Naturally Massive program… aka… INCREDIBLE HULK PHASE!!

Last I left you was at the end of week 2… which was after I had just completed 2 weeks of the leaning/priming phase.

So this coming week I start back into 2 weeks of leaning…


So How Did The Growth Phase Go…

Alright… here is a photo of my great buddy and creator of the program Sebastian MacLean (I call him Bas) Sebastian MacLean's Naturally Massive

Lets just say I am not looking like this dude… YET!! 🙂

However there have been some changes in the past 2 weeks… Primarily in my weight and my strength…

You will recall in my last post that during the 2 weeks of leaning I had dropped down to 239, which was the lowest I had weighed in probably… oh I don’t know… something like 20 years!!

Well on the growth phase I shot back up 8 pounds… settling in at 247… respectably out of pencil neck territory!! 🙂

Now the really interesting thing for me will be what happens over the course of the next 2 weeks… how much will I lose and how much lean muscle will I have put on?

I believe in theory… I should have gained around 3 pounds of lean muscle… so at the end of the next 2 weeks I should be around 242 or so… we shall see!


What Did I Think of The Growth Phase?

Alright first my calculations for the nutrition component of the growth plan… I.E. What and How much I had to eat….

On the leaning phase I was eating 2700 calories… on the Growth it was pretty much 5000 calories… AND this is per day… not per week!!

That my friends is a shit pile of food!!

(now do not freak out if you are thinking about getting on this program, I am a fairly heavy dude to begin with so my calories will be higher then 95% of you by quite a bit… and there are tricks you will learn in how to pile the calories in without stuffing yourself, or breaking the bank!)

I will admit… the first day was tough… I whined and complained to Sebastian… tried to convince him I could lower the amount of calories I had to eat… but he was not going for my BS!

His exact words where.. “your stomach will stretch and you will get use to it”… LOL!

He asked me how I looked… told him in the morning Great… at night Belly was coming back…

…His reply: “Haha. The evening swell. That’s a belly full of bulk up right there.”!

A Belly Full of Bulk Up!?!?!… I was thinking fat… but I will go with Belly Full of Bulk!

Anyway… as much as it pains me to admit it to him… he was right.

The morning of the 2nd day I woke up Hungry! And after that putting the food into me was no problem at all.


Naturally Massive


I Loved Lifting Heavy…

The part I really enjoyed of the bulking phase was the workout…

Heavy weights… low reps (if you do not know what I mean, no big deal the program explains it all)

My strength definitely went up which is cool…

I know I have put on muscle… and loving the feeling of being pumped up!.


How Are The Legs Coming Robb?

Ah the legs…

Calfs believe it or not are growing and have been for a while… I don’t mind working the calves muscles…

But still hating BIG TIME the quads and hamstring workout days… (But I am doing them!) long shorts hide small legs

See to me the upper body and calfs were always the important thing… Quads and Hamstrings… there was an easier solution then busting your butt in the gym…

It is called… LONG SHORTS!! 🙂

Long shorts hide the small legs… no prob! ==>


51 Pounds of Fat BABY!!

So here I am… at the gym getting ready to weigh in at the end of the week so I can report the update to you fine people…

I came in at 247… I get off the scales and a little young fella tells me the scale is not that accurate and there is one up front of the gym that is much better…

So I think what the heck lets go find this scale and give it a go… personal trainer

I walk to the front of the gym, but can not find the scale… I see a personal trainer nearby and ask HER… where the scale is…

Now you know personal trainers are typical in pretty good shape… and for the most part pretty good looking… she was no exception… all I was asking was for her to point me in the direction of the scale!

But nope… being a good employee of the Gym she decides it is up to her to walk me through the process of learning the ropes of this electronic fancy dance scale…

Then she goes on to explain that this wonderful contraption just happens to also calculate your body fat percentage…


I jump on this thing… it spits out that my weight is 255… instead of 247… which I think is a pretty good thing, since I like being the big boy!

She then says… “what does it say your body fat percentage is”?

Now all of a sudden… I am not liking where this conversation is heading with this particular personal trainer…

But I tell her…

It had me down at 21% body fat… which I knew was about average.

She says “that is not to bad”… I think that’s great, we can move on here and be done…

But nope… obviously she loves her job just a wee bit too much…

She out of no where breaks out a calculator…  whoop cha…. and does some quick math and then in a very sweet little voice tells me oh so nicely … that I am carrying 51 pounds of PURE FAT….

… Well Super Duper… NICE!!

What do you say to that??

I say…

“Well… ah…um.. yes… you see I am on the Growth Phase… of Sebastian MacLean’s Naturally Massive program… I have been BULKING… so ah…ya…  check back in 2 weeks after my leaning phase there Miss Fancy Pants Personal Trainer!!! 🙂

And since I am a VERY happily married man to a seriously beautiful women I did not care that this young personal trainer thought I was a fatty… and off I went to crank out some more heavy weights and head home to add some more Belly Full of Bulk to me!!

Well that is it for this update… I will be back in 2 weeks with another update for you guys!

Again if you are looking to put on some muscle this is a great program, I am now addicted to it, it is not hard to follow and not expensive to do so… and it is definitely working… You can learn more about it here.

But if you are reading this and saying you are more interested in just getting into shape and being fit and not putting on serious muscle… then I recommend you check out Sebastian’s other program “The Fat Burn Truth” here..

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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