My Secret Formula… How To Convince Your Prospect

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My Secret Formula… How To Convince Your Prospect


Hey gang, by now I trust you have learnt that this game is ALL about having posture, coming across strong and sounding, looking and being a Leader! convince prospects to join your network marketing business

People always want to team up with the leader…

And leaders are the people who make the big bucks in this industry…

Leaders do NOT try to convince people to join their business.

So if you want to be a leader…  if you want to build a big Network Marketing business….  for “The Love Of Pete” do not stoop to the level of trying to convince people!

The very second you start to try and convince people to join your business you start to lose them…  you start to sound weak & needy and they start to say to themselves…  “Wait a minute…  I thought Robb was a leader….  why is he begging me to join his business…  he must NEED me and he must not be that strong and probably can not help me”

I can promise you that the minute you start to chase them or that they perceive that you are chasing them…  you will NEVER be able to run fast enough to catch them.

This is not attractive!

Remember people MUST be attracted to you to join your business!



This concept of people being attracted to you in your MLM business works very similar to the dating game.

Back in my not so smooth days I can remember really liking this girl….  so I set out to win her over….  well lets just say my tactics (at that time) were not that smooth……   I tried everything to win her over and No Go!

And why was that?

Because she knew I was chasing her…  she new she had all of the power….  and it is simply human nature to want what is out of reach…..  to want that which will take a bit of a challenge…. and I was not a challenge to her.

Well lets just say I learnt that lesson fast….  and my dating life changed 100 fold….  no more chasing…  be a bit offish but not rude….  do not come across needy….  be confident and keep ALL of the power…..

Same exact thing for your MLM business…

He/She who has the power wins…...

Your prospect wants to team up with a strong person…  a person who they just know can help them FINALLY become successful in Network Marketing!

Be that person and you will become attractive and more people will want to join you in your business!


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Have posture with them….  Do not get into answering questions UNTIL they have done all of the home work into your opportunity…

Keep in mind I am not saying be rude… I am saying have posture, big difference.

You have what they need… so you will not be needy…  you are in charge of the conversation…  you will direct the flow of the conversation…

When I first have contact with a prospect I prefer to Interview them to see if they are worth my time….  no sense spending time with tire kickers…

The best thing to do is to get it in your head that you are like Bill Gates or Richard Branson interviewing someone for a position in THEIR company…

Like A BOSS!  Smile


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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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