Money Does Not Bring You Happiness – Lifestyle Does

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Money Does Not Bring You Happiness – Freedom Does

I recently came across a word I had never heard before…

It is funny though because even though I had never heard it before I had understood its meaning for a very long time, because it is what mylifestyle-preneur goal in life has been based off of.

The word was “Lifestyle-preneur”!

Which is obviously derived from Entrepreneur… but with a significantly different meaning associated with it.

Being a Lifestyle-preneur is ALL about creating the Lifestyle of your dreams… a life with FREEDOM… the type of life you want to actually LIVE… A type of life where you actually have the Freedom and Time to enjoy it!

One that is set up that you can spend serious time doing what it is you WANT to do… when you want.

Being a Lifestyle-preneur is not so much about being filthy freaking rich… which is not so bad… but for a new generation of people including myself it is by far NOT the most important thing.

For me and other Lifestyle-preneurs it is all about being able to do what you want when you want. It is all about having the freedom to be able to spend your time as you please.

Instead of being trapped or locked into a job or a business that requires you to always be there. That has you stressed out of your mind, hating life!

time to get your head out of the sand and create your happy life

Although the book the 4 Hour Work Week did not actually call what it was teaching “Lifestyle-preneurship”… there is no doubt that is what Timothy-Ferriss-the-4-hour-work-weekit teaches. If you are looking to create a lifestyle free from the bondage of work… the 4 hour work week is a must read. Check it out here.

See most people who are searching for a way out of the rat race think that the key is to start your own business… and in the end it is… but you have to be careful…

…because if your goal is to set yourself up in such away that you have the money and time to DO WHAT YOU WANT… most businesses will not provide you the opportunity to be able to have the time freedom to do what you want.

Most people who start a business end up spending the rest of their lives a slave to their business… working longer and harder then they did when they were working a JOB.

Now becoming a Lifestyl-preneur will take work and effort… no question… anything worth while does.

But the difference is… the people who are focused on Lifestyle-preneurship focus their time on businesses and incomes that will eventually create residual income…

Residual income


=> Income that will continue to come year after year… with little to no work on their part (once it is up and running).


=> a business that once up and running can be run from anywhere and with a minimal time investment (2-3 hours a day)… again once it is up and running.

Examples of these type of businesses are:

Internet marketing (blogging). This is my favourite. It does take time to get the business to a level where it can sustain you, but once you do get it there, it is the truest and purest form of residual income.

Network Marketing. Yup good ol”MLM. It works and it works incredibly well. I have made a ton of money in the Network Marketing. And I have a ton of good friends who have made a TON more then I have. It works but like anything else it is a business and it will take dedication from you to learn and work it. But once it is rolling the lifestyle ROCKS!

Real Estate Investing. I personally have not done this. But I have very good friends who do incredible investing in real estate and enjoy a tremendous lifestyle as a result.

These 3 types of businesses are the only type I have ever seen that create true Lifestyle.


Final Thoughts:

And if you are looking to create a Lifestyle that can be enjoyed… spent doing what you like… get started on one of these type of business… stop thinking about it… get over your fears… fight your “lazy ass-ness” (made up awesome word) and just get into action!

You were given this life to live… you only get the one… there is no reincarnation where you get to give it another go… so LIVE IT and make the best of it!!

If you want to know how you can get started with either Internet Marketing or Network Marketing, get in touch with me and I will get you started in the right direction.


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