MLM Tips: How to get UnStuck

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Are you stuck in your network marketing business. Is your business simply not moving forward? Are you sick of watching others have mlm success instead of you?

Well relax my friend today I am going to share with you some MLM tips to get you UnStuck for good and well on your way to mlm success!

I was very fortunate early on in my network marketing career to be able two work directly with Eric Worre and Randy Gage.

I learnt a ton of mlm success nuggets from them especially when it comes to warm market and team building. MLM Tips: How to get UnStuck

Eric Worre would always stress the importance of a Major Blast when you launch your business OR relaunch it…

… followed by series of what he referred to has Micro Bursts every 3-4 months or so.

So get your pen out and take notes on these mlm tips I am about to reveal to you…

… doing these two things created a very nice six figure income in our network marketing company for me.

So the only reason it would not do the same for you is if you do not take action…

So lets get into it…


MLM Tips: how to get Unstuck:

MLM Tip #1: Major Blast…

Again this is for when you launch your business OR when you relaunch it…

Relaunching it means if you have been stagnant for awhile, not seeing any growth or really not giving your business the attention it requires… And you are ready to finally go at it!

You make that list… Yup no way around it… this business is a numbers game so you need the numbers to go through!

Make that list… My first list was over 250 people and a major reason I experienced mlm success where others don’t.

Now you let your friends and family know that for the next 2 weeks you are in pure out explosive business buildign mode and you will not be around much…

And now you just burn through that list… smiling and dialling… sharing your opportunity with your list… not selling but sharing… driving through your list looking for the low hanging fruit… the people who are now ready to rock it with you.

The bigger the list the more mlm success you are going to get from this blast!

I earned $4,191.50 doing my very first major blast… and it definitely put me on the path to the success I experienced!

Here is a copy of my first check for you doubters! 🙂

First Check










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MLM Tip #2: Micro Bursts…

Ok so a major blast is exhausting… especially for me… I find recruiting is mentally draining… I have to get rested up before hand… I have to get energized and focused and then just go at it…

So I personally can not sustain the pace of a Major Blast forever… I personally doubt anyone can!

So after a major blast I settle into the whole 2 a day brings freedom my way mlm secret!

Meaning I settle with sharing my network marketing business with 2 people a day… typically 4-5 times a week.


After 3-4 months I am ready to give my business a nice bump up…

I come up with a list of around 30 – 50 people or so… people I have met since my major blast either off line or online…

… I will also include some of the sharp prospects from my major blast who did not join last time around…

I again let my family know that for the next 3- 5 days I will be fully in recruiting mode and not around much…

I then get fired up… focused… energized… and I pick up that phone and I start smiling and dialling!

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Bringing these 2 MLM Tips all Together:

Here is the deal my fried…

Implement this strategy into your recruiting…

Implement this strategy as a part of the culture of your team… meaning let them know this is what we do around here… this is our game plan!

Get your team doing the micro blasts at the same time as a team… and WOW will you get unstuck fast.. wow will you see major major growths in your network marketing business!

Try it out and see for yourself!


Here is a short video that goes into more detail on this:


Your Turn: Let me know did this help you?  does it make sense?  Are you going to give it a try?  

If so do me a favor and let me know in the comment section below… AND if you got value hook me up with a share and/or a like?  🙂


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great recruiting strategies Robb. I like the practical tips. Appreciate you sharing what’s worked for you and something we can all implement!

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