MLM Tips: How to Get More Customers & Earn Big Time

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Hey my friend… good for you for either searching out this topic of how to get more customers… or if you just happened to stumble upon it congratulations because out of all of the mlm tips and mlm tips videos I could give you…

… getting more customers is where the true success in the network marketing industry comes from. MLM Tips How to Get More Customers & Earn Big Time

The kind of success that will allow you to have the true walk away residual income success you truly desire!

And in reality there is a shift occurring in the network marketing industry… regulators are cracking down more and more on companies that are opportunity focused verses product/customer focused.

Now do not get me wrong… getting distributors is how you succeed in mlm, BUT customers are the life blood!


Check out these MLM Tips to see what I mean and what I do:

Get Customer MLM Tip #1:

I always always always first approach a potential prospect with my opportunity first…

A whole ton of reasons for this…

But two big reasons:

==> First that is how you build a large downline… they join and then you go to work with them to help build theirs and your opportunity!

==> Secondly every distributor also becomes a customer and if you have a great product which I trust you do, even if they stop building the business hopefully they love the product and continue to order it!!

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Get Customer MLM Tip #2:

Here is where the pros are separated from the novices…

If a prospect says no to your network marketing opportunity… ALWAYS ask them to buy a box, bottle, packet (whatever) of your product!

Just because your opportunity is not right for your prospect “at this time”… does not mean that the product is not!

Again if you have a great product there is a excellent chance they will want it…

So simply ask them… Say something like the following:

“ So & So I understand the opportunity is not right for you right now… however I am trying to get the word out about my product and would like you to do me a favour and buy a box, packet, bottle (whatever)”!

And again if the product is a goodie… they will not only order but continue to order each and every month!


Get Customer MLM Tip #3:

If you have been in multiple Network Marketing opportunities… and have destroyed your warm market… I would actually not go after them with the opportunity approach…

…instead I would make my list and go after them about your product… but with a twist!

I like to take the opportunity away from them while presenting the product to them!

By taking the opportunity away from them they are taken aback and and just may want to take a look at the network marketing opportunity and worse case they order your product…

here is how I do this:

“hey So & So… I know you are not interested in money making opportunities… however I am promoting a new opportunity with an incredible product and I am sure you will love the product… so wanted to get you a sample (information, etc)”

Then once they have looked at it, sampled it… ask for the order (see above).

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Get Customer MLM Tip #4:

Any time and I mean any time your network marketing company releases a new product ALWAYS go back to your whole list…

You will use the same strategy as described in MLM Tip #3… the take away!

Except this time tell your prospect your business has released an awesome new product and you want them to check it out!

Doing this ALWAYS creates incredible growth and volume in your business!!


Here is a short video explaining in more detail these MLM tips on getting Customers:


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P.s. Remember comment below and let me know if you got value from this!  Thanks you Rock!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks so much for this! Having customers who will come and repurchase is the key. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very useful and practical tips and scripts, Rob. Knowing how to approach and re approach people are critical skills. Using the take away when re approaching a burnt warm market works, I’ve used it myself. Thanks for sharing, great post!

  3. That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great poistng!

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