MLM Tip: Should You Introduce Attraction Marketing to Your Team

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Hey gang… very interesting and intriguing question I am going to attempt to answer today… and one that has been hotly debated in the network marketing industry for a few years now.

Should you introduce Attraction Marketing to Your Team?

Many leaders in the network marketing industry are incredibly protective of their downline… and also very strict with what they want/allow their distributors to do in the way of business building activities.

I use to work with a leader that despised attraction marketing, even though he was doing it himself without calling it that! lol MLM Tip: Should You Introduce Attraction Marketing to Your Team

I also worked with a great leader who had different sections of his downline using different recruiting strategies…

… when he brought someone into his network marketing business he would have a conversation with them to determine their strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc… and then connect that person up with teams within his team that were focused on recruiting activities that this person would be able to relate to.

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The Old School Verses New School SILLY Debate:

The main reason that some network marketing leaders do not promote attraction marketing strategies to their downline is that it can be confusing to learn it all…

… and a confused downline does nothing!

The real secret to having a downline grow is keeping the activities duplicatable… and the only way activities will be duplicateble is if they are easy and simple to do.

Now having said that I do not think Attraction Marketing is difficult… nor complicated… But it is not for everyone!

So… my advice is to do what the leader I mentioned above does… he has many different avenues for recruiting available to people on his team.

If someone is non-teckie… then hell no do not point them towards attraction marketing strategies.

If someone is a total sales person who loves burning through numbers… then maybe have them call leads instead.

If someone is a people person who is always out already meeting and networking with people… have them continue to do that… meet people and develop relationships.

If someone is like me and likes the idea of blogging, marketing online, doing video marketing… then yes by all means introduce them to attraction marketing strategies!

BUT and this is a BIG but…

regardless of what method of recruiting people use… especially if they use attraction marketing… stress and over stress that “THIS IS NO WHAT WE DO” to build our business….

This is “EXTRA” and On Top of what we do!

Meaning if they truly want success in their network marketing business… they need to be sharing the business opportunity with people every day!

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Attraction Marketing is Not For Everyone

Unfortunately Attraction marketing takes time and it will slow their growth and kill yours teams growth if this is all people do to build their business.

Instead have strategies in place where people can easily share their opportunity with at least 2 people a day… they must spend at least 24 – 30% of their time doing this…

… then if they want to do attraction marketing they can spend the rest of their time doing so!


I trust this makes sense…

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this in the comments below… I am curious what you think!


Do you want to learn Attraction Marketing?  Here are a couple of resources to help ya:

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Check out the following mlm training video for more thoughts on this and what you can do to become consistent and start making your mlm success a reality!

P.s. Remember comment below and let me know if you got value from this!  Thanks you Rock!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. You are absolutely right. Attraction marketing takes time, and in the interim you must be prospecting else your business will die. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Alecia Stringer says:

    I agree with you! Attraction marketing will not work for everyone, no matter how good it is.

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