MLM Success Tip: Do You Loathe Your Sponsor

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Do you despise your MLM Sponsor….

Do you loath them?

Do they appear completely useless and quite possibly even a hindrance to your MLM success? MLM Success Tip Loathe your upline

Or maybe you don’t hate them, but realize that if you want MLM Success they are simply not qualified or simply do not have the ability, experience or know how to help you achieve your goals!


What do you do in either of these situations?


(continued below)

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Stop Listening to the Joker!

Well the first thing I would do is stop listening to them. That is IF they are not successful.

If you despise them BUT they are successful and they have already shown they have helped other network marketers have success….

Well…. you might just want to put on your big boy and girl pants… and tough it out!

IF they can help you then you should simply ignore the areas that are irritating you and focus on their mlm training and not focus so much on the aspects of their rosy personality that is irritating the crap out of you.

HOWEVER… if  they have no clue on how to help you become a MLM Success…

The best MLM success tip I could give you is to Dump their ass fast!

Get rid of them… in the end this is YOUR mlm business not theirs… so when it comes right down to it how you build it is up to you!

Who you spend your time with is up to you!

We all only have so much time we can set aside to build our network marketing business… so do not waste it dealing with the headaches of an idiot upline!


Ok so I dumped my dumb ass upline… Now What Robb?

Relax… take a deep breath…  you will be fine!  🙂

what you do now is Simple…

Read on to find out…
(continued below)


MLM Success Tip: Life After Dumping Your Sponsor

There are two strategies you can take to create success in your mlm business when you are without a competent sponsor to help you.


Dead Beat Upline MLM Success Secret #1:

Start working your way UP your upline!

I would start with the most successful person in your upline and reach out to them.

Explain you are in their downline and you are looking to learn all of their mlm secrets to how they became a success in your company!

Keep doing this until you find one who will help you.

Most likely the first successful leader in your upline will be the one who will agree to helping you… This is why they are successful… they understand that depth in an organization is what creates their long term success.

So it will make no difference how far away from them you are in their downline… if they are a true mlm leader they will share their success secrets with you!


Dead Beat Upline MLM Success Secret #2:

Learn from generic MLM leaders.

People like myself who have had success and are willing to share our network marketing tips and secrets with you.

A few words of caution with this method:

1) Do not get carried away with trying to follow 100`s of different leaders. You will never have enough time to build your business if you try to… AND as many leaders as there are out there… there is 10 times as many strategies for building…

… and if you try to follow everything all the leaders say you will get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Focus on a couple leaders… focus on a couple of mlm recruiting secrets or strategies… and master them!

2) Watch out for leaders with hidden agendas…

Leaders who are applying the attraction marketing techniques with the motive of trying to recruit you or your downline to their business.

You can learn from these type of leaders… but be aware they will be subtly trying to recruit you!


Your Turn So What’Cha gonna do?

Is your sponsor any good and are you just going to tough it out and work with them?

… or are you going to dump them?

I am curious… so Do me a favor and Let me know in the comment section!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great advice Robb, it’s great when you have a great sponsor, but he should not be the determining factor of your success! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great advice Robb! Your business success depends on you. But not every attraction marketing leader has a hidden agenda. Some of us just want to add value. Now if people raise their hands and say they want to work with us….hey….who are we to say no? Great content though!

  3. Love this post Robb…. hit the nail on the head with this… So many people just quit when they find out their upline may not be all they thought… thanks for sharing this

  4. Awesome post Robb. I do think sometimes people get too dependant on their sponsor, especially if the sponsor is into “hand holding” which I don’t agree with. On the other side of that coin is the sponsor who disappears, or is no help at all It’s a tough one.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow this is SOOOO true Rob, I agree with Ron, you hit the nail on this one!!! We’ve seen this so many times over our 17 years in network marketing!!

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