MLM Secrets: The #1 Secret to Your Success

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I find it funny that one of the top terms searched for on the internet pertaining to the network marketing industry is “MLM Secrets”!

Like there is some sort of conspiracy success theory out there… that only the top earners know of and they are not sharing it with you! haha MLM Secrets: The #1 Secret to Your Success

seriously think about it…. Why in the world would there be a secret to success?

The whole purpose of building a team or downline is to have them continue to grow so there is no way I or any other real leader in this industry is going to hold any MLM secrets back from you.

Sure there are strategies you need to learn… Sure there are mlm training’s you can pick up here and there… and sure you should always be educating yourself and keeping up to date on any new tactics…

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…and no question there is a learning curve you need to get up and over… but there is no real mlm secret…


hahaha… ok gotcha there didn’t I?!?

Ok but in all seriousness if there truly was a mlm secret to success this would be it:

Consistency in recruiting activities!

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What do I mean by that?

Well…. ALL and I do mean ALL mlm success is… is being able to continuously share your network marketing business opportunity with new prospects every single day!

If you do that mlm success will happen for you… there is no way it can’t!!

Now the key to what I just said was “continuously” and “every single day (or 5 days a week is what I do)… AKA: Consistency!

It makes no difference which recruiting strategy you implement they all take time…

… they all require you to be consistent in implementing them.


Makes No Difference the MLM Strategy You Use

Whether you are calling cold leads… ( I know a guy who does this and since January he has recruit 29 people his business… because he is consistent!!)

Whether is it implementing the “2 a day brings freedom my way strategy”…. where you go out and meet at least 2 new people per day and share your network marketing business with at least 2 people a day.

Whether you are blogging…

Whether you are doing video marketing… twitter… facebook marketing… etc etc…

… it makes no difference… Consistency… daily action… is the key!

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If you continue to start and then stop and then start and then stop and then start and then stop…

…you are Never ever ever ever going to be able to get any momentum going to have mlm success period!

The key is to set your schedule…

… implement a proven strategy…

… and do it daily until you have the mlm success you are looking for!


Do you need help being consistent?  Here are a couple of resources to help ya:

==> Success is Consistency

==> Success The Ugly Truth – The Cards Are in Your Hands (Video)


Check out the following mlm training video for more thoughts on this and what you can do to become consistent and start making your mlm success a reality!

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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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