MLM Recruiting Tips: Send Text Messages

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MLM Recruiting Tips: Send Text Messages

Let me ask you a question…

…if you were able to set ten “1 on 1” appointments each week with prospects would that create some activity in your MLM business…  would you see some growth? MLM Prospecting Text Message

Your answer better be a resounding YES!

If you have ten sit down meetings with people per week and you are presenting your MLM opportunity correctly by using 3rd party tools,  you better believe you will see growth in your business.

Last night I was watching a recent training video by one of my Mentors Mr. Eric Worre…

He was explaining how in his training events he use to like to set aside two hours or so with the group and have them pick up the phone and book appointments with prospects for coffee…

He goes on to say how he had a revelation in one of his training events were this lady was too nervous or scared to pick up the phone and call her prospects to book appointments…  and as she sat there watching people she ended up sending a few prospects Text Messages instead…

The end result was she booked over 18 appointments in that 2 Horus span of time using text Messages only!

Eric has since gone on to test this further and has found that people simply get better results from sending text messages to prospects to book appointments verses calling them…

Pretty Cool…


Coffee Meetings…

I have recruited many people by talking the time to go and meet with them for Coffee…But back them we use to call them up on the phone as text was not as popular as it is now… I learnt this strategy from Eric Worre many years ago..

At first I was reluctant to do it, because I preferred to sit on the phone can call the people…  BUT meeting with someone face to face is powerful.

And relax… as you will see in this blog post you are not going to be doing a full blow MLM recruiting presentation…  This strategy is easy.


The Text Message…

So here is all you do…

At the end of each week on Friday, sit down with your phone and send out 20 text messages, looking to book appointments for the next week…  if you send out 20 you will be able to book at least 10.

Keep the message simple, and invite the person out for coffee, breakfast, lunch what have you…

Personally I like coffee…  the meeting is shorter this way, which means you will not screw it up by feeling like you have to share too much information about your business and end up doing a full blown presentation.


The Appointment…

Now here is the key to your success when you are at the appointment with the person…

Do not forget all your training and try to turn into a fancy smanchy sales guy or gal…

Stick to your training of 3rd party tools…  point people to the tools and let the tools do the selling and telling for you.

I always like to be in a rush…  keep the appointments to 20 minutes… do a little small talk at the first… thank them for coming…  then move into the presentation!


The Presentation…

… now move into the presentation… there are 2 ways to do this.

Try them both and see which one you get the best results from and the one you are most comfortable with.

I have gotten results from both.  However my personality prefers the 2nd approach better.

=> Prospecting Approach # 1: Say “Hey John I invited you out because I have become involved in a new opportunity…  I am looking for sharp people to help me expand the business and I thought of you…  it may or may not be for you and that is cool, no problem…  but I wanted you to do me a “FAVOR” and take a serious look at it”.

That is it, since you are asking them for a favor everyone says yes to doing you a favor…

Now give them a 3rd party tool like a DVD, CD, Magazine, Website, Conference call number… whatever your team is using to share your MLM business with prospects.

Find out when they will have FOR SURE taken the time to check it out and book a follow up call with them.


=>Prospecting Approach #2 I personally do not like to ask for the favor, it works but it puts you at a point of needing something from them.

I like to keep the posture, that I have something they need.

So my typical approach is…

“I invited you out, as I am really just curious  and just throwing this out there, but would you be open to a side project if it doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

Most people will say it depends or ask what it is…

Be in a hurry… do not get into presenting your business…

If asked what it is say:  “It would take too long to explain it right now, but here’s what I will do for you, take this “3rd party tool”… check it out and lets touch base tomorrow night at (pick a time)…  will that give you a enough time to have watched it”?

That’s it gang… this is a great strategy…  try it out, make a commitment to yourself that you will meet with a certain amount of prospects each week… start banging out the text messages to set up the appointment…  follow the 3rd party tool system…

The secret to success in your MLM business is simply exposing as many people as possible to your opportunity…  the more exposures the more people join, plain and simple!

…and be sure to keep me posted on your results!


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(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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