MLM Recruiting: Should You Build Relationships or Simply Work the Numbers?

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MLM Recruiting: Should You Build Relationships or Simply Work the Numbers?

You know… I have often thought that we should as a profession get together and vote to change the name of our industry from “Network Marketing” to “The Numbers Game”!  Network marketing is a numbers game

Because in the end gang that is ALL this business is!

The more numbers (people) you put through your funnel, the more numbers are going to end up in your bank account (money!)

Now I know that I would run into a TON of opposition towards my campaign to change the industries name, and this opposition would come from the sector of people in our business who swear this is “ALL” about relationships!

These are the people who believe you only have to recruit 3 people… then simply build an awesome team oriented, lets lock arms and sing koombia together, while wearing our hot pink team tony the tiger “you can do it” t-shirts… type of relationship!

And they believe that if you build this rock solid relationship… these 3 will go do the same thing and voila… poof… within 6 months you magically have a massive downline spitting you out a residual income cheque for life!



In Reality You Need Both…but!

NOW… do not get me wrong here!

This business IS about relationships…

However more then that this business IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS!

If you want success it is easy!

Simply get your opportunity in front of as many people as you can on an ongoing bases!

That’s it!

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And in my opinion the manner in which you use to get your opportunity in front of people really does not matter…

I truly believe you could stand out side a mall day in and day out and say the following to each person that comes by:

“Hi I am in MLM… I am sure you don’t want to do this with me… do you?”

Eventually due to the laws of numbers you will get people who join your business… and if you stayed at this for an extended period of time you would build a large business. (that is if they do not lock you up first!)

Now obviously I do not recommend the above strategy, but it makes my point!


This Should Be An Ah-Ha Moment For You…

And it should be some serious encouragement to anyone who is struggling in this business!

Find a method of recruiting that works…

Find a method of recruiting that you will enjoy enough that you will do it on a daily bases…

And then simply do it day in and day out UNTIL you reach the level of success you desire!

IF you do this… it will not be long before you see serious success!


Professional Network Marketers Got This Down…

And in the end this simple act is ALL that sets the top income earners apart from the people who struggle to make a dime.

Successful Networkers are consistent with their recruiting activities… whereas unsuccessful networkers simply are NOT!

This is a business… you must engage in the business building activities daily!

And I would suggest engaging at least 10 – 20 people daily!

Now I can already hear the “little thinkers” groaning and moaning saying… 10 – 20 people a day… I can’t do that… whan whan whan!

Yes you can… It is NOT difficult, so stop limiting yourself!



Notice I said engaging… I did not say pounding them over the head with your opportunity…

Friends first….

…don’t be in a rush… consistence over time is better then a massive panic to hit the top now!

Fill that funnel… and when the time is right ask them to take a look at your opportunity!

This could be as simple as meeting 20 new people on facebook… adding them as a friend… starting a conversation with them… continuing on with an existing conversation… building that relationship!

And again when the time is right… simply ask them if they keep their income opportunities open… everyone says yes… get them to your presentation and set a follow up time… BAM… now you are rocking!

Alright that is it… fingers are getting tired of typing and I think my point has been made (consistency & numbers)! 🙂


So let me know what you think… is success in Network Marketing ALL about Relationships… ALL about working the Numbers or a combination of both??

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE!! 🙂

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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