MLM Recruiting on Facebook–My Daily Method of Operation

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Hey gang…  so the last few days I have been discussing different methods of using attraction marketing to attract leads for your network marketing business to you.

I have discussed using facebook as a mlm recruiting method and today I am going to reveal to you my daily method of operation for prospecting on facebook.

#1) Know Your Target Market

Who is your ideal prospect.  What type of people are you looking to sponsor into your network marketing business? MLM Recruiting on Facebook–My Daily Method of Operation

Get rock solid with this… write it down and then focus your activities on developing relationships with them.

You want to know this because you are going to tailor the value oriented information towards them.  You do not want to be all over the place trying to target hordes of different markets…  focus on 1-3 tightly connected groups.

For example if you are in a nutrition business… your target market could be people who would like to lose weight… but also people who just want to get into better shape..

The best way to figure out who you should be targeting with your mlm recruiting is to take a look at your network marketing company…  what sorts of people are responding to your opportunity or product… go after them!


#2) Every day post value on your facebook profile.

We DO NOT Spam our business opportunity links or products all over our facebook profiles or other peoples…

… that is like being an infomercial… in the long run that does not work in network marketing.

This is relationship marketing… you need to develop a relationship with people…  people need to look up to you and respect you…

… you accomplish this by providing value to them.

I recommend 4-6 post per day…

Divide your posts up between educational posts, fun posts, funny posts, lifestyle pictures (you living life), training posts, tips, etc.

I follow the 90% 10% rule…  after 9 value oriented posts… I am allowed to do 1 power post… which is oriented to your business or product or whatever your goal of your marketing is.


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MLM Recruiting on Facebook Top Tip!

#3) Connect with at least 5 new people a day!

Meaning go out and meet at least 5 new people every day.

You can find your target market by going to groups where they frequent.

Find people who are engaged in the conversation… appear to be on Facebook often… appear up beat and friendly.

Like things on their profile… comment on things on their profile… and send them a friends request with a short message.

Something like “Hey I enjoyed the comment you made on “xhxh group” and really liked (pick something) on your profile…  always good to connect with cool people… sent you a friends request… then ask them a question… but make sure it is about something on their profile.. keep it about them.

This is just an example… tailor this to your personality.

And I would not recommend requesting more then 5 friends a day and DO NOT copy and paste the same message to all of your mlm prospects!  Facebook will catch on and ban ya fast like!


#4) People who like and comment on your posts

This is where I start conversations with my mlm prospects.

When they like or comment on my posts I will simply start a conversation with them, again keeping it all about them, asking questions and becoming a friend!

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#5) When to Pitch your MLM Prospect

When it comes to this strategy of MLM recruiting it is very much about relationships!

You need to really be focused on building the relationship and not on prospecting.

Remember friends first…

So there is no hard and fast rule of when you can pitch them your business opportunity… every relationship will be different.

The answer is when you feel comfortable that a relationship has been formed.


#6) My favorite mlm recruiting line

Here is what I say when I want to transition into my opportunity.

“So & So”…  its be very cool getting to know you on here…

This may actually be a shot in the dark but I was curious if you are open to looking at an opportunity if it that would not interfere with what you are presently doing…

… it may or may not be for you…  but if you are open let me know and I will get you some information… if not no bod deal…  let me know.


That’s it gang… rinse and repeat day in and day out… it takes a bit of time to get some traction using this method..  but once it starts you will have an endless supply of leads to focus your mlm recruiting on.

Here is a short video that goes into more detail on this:


Here are a few resources to help You with MLM recruiting on Facebook:

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Your Turn: Let me know did this help you?  does it make sense?  Are you going to give it a try?  

If so do me a favor and let me know in the comment section below… AND if you got value hook me up with a share and/or a like?  🙂


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great post Robb….. always with great value and instruction.. thanks for sharing this..

  2. Serious value here Rob. I like your method and scripts. It’s all about building a relationship. Thanks for sharing!

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