MLM Recruiting: Never Ever Ever Ever Do This

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MLM Recruiting: Never Ever Ever Do This

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Have you ever been spammed?

Have you ever had someone chase you about their network marketing business… over and over again?  mlm recruiting don't do this

How did it make you feel?

Probably like you wanted to run from that person every time you saw them.


So Check this Out…. 

This is a true story…

…here is something that happened to me recently.

I accept this friend request from this lady on facebook.

and Wham Bam Booommmm faster then a 1 legged man in a butt kicking contest…

She is allllll over me…  right into her high pressure mlm recruiting pitch…

and she is wild… when I say allll over me I mean… all freaking over me…

As we know on Facebook you can see when someone reads your message…

Soo after she sent her pitch… I did not immediately respond to her and she sends me another message that says

“I See You”…

whaaat???   hahaha… talk about creepy!!

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And it Continues….

Then of course  I do not respond and she then turns it personal… and sends a nasty email saying she thinks it is rude when people will not look at a link that someone takes the time to send!

Hahaha…  unreal…  ya it took you all of 2 nano-seconds to copy and past that link eh?!  Smile

So then I do respond… in my very loving & caring, trying to help people out, give them some training and provide them value way…

I explain how mlm recruiting on facebook is just like going to a party,… you need to make friends… you do not run into a party and start trying to sell people on stuff… you certainly do not stalk them…  you build relationships.

So I think there… job well done Robb, you have helped this poor lost MLM recruiting soul… you have done a good deed today!


NOPE… not so much….

so…  two days later back with a vengeance she comes…

This time the gloves are off and she is nasty…

Says that she thought it best that she warn me that she and her team are targeting my network and that I better get in or she will be recruiting my network!

bahahahaha…  unreal!

I immediately deleted and blocked her… no more attempts at good deeds for this guy!


MLM Recruiting the Proper Way

So wanted to share that with you for two reasons…

=> One … it is funny as hell!


=> Two if you ever pull it on me you are deleted my friend!! lol


=> And Three it is to reinforce to you that when you are mlm recruiting offline or recruiting on facebook or anywhere for that matter it is crucial to your success that you focus on building relationships before trying to sponsor anyone…

Now you are probably not being any where near as blatantly ridiculous as this example… cause this one was extreme…

…but check yourself from time to time… some times as network marketing professionals we get over zealous to recruit…

…so from time to time gauge what mlm recruiting techniques you are using…

…are you being too aggressive.. are you going for the jugular instead of building relationships…  are you focused more on what you want then what the prospect wants?

 (continued below)


Always remember… friends first!

And never ever spam…

Never chase anyone…

Never give anyone a link to your opportunity without their permission to do so…

Never appear needy…

Never appear desperate…

Have posture…

Be desirable… be that person someone wants to join in business.

And always remember Friends first! (did I already say that Winking smile )

Nobody cares what you have to offer unless they know how much you care about them!


So Your Turn… lets have some fun here….

…. have you had any funny experiences with people spamming you?  I would love to hear about them!!

Throw them in the comments section below!


Video- MLM Recruiting: Never Ever Ever Ever Do This 


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Remember to Comment below on your funniest memory of being spammed in this business!  🙂

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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