MLM Recruiting: How You Say It Matters More Then What You Say

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MLM Recruiting: How You Say It Matters More Then What You Say

To many people in this profession of Network Marketing, get hung up on trying to memorize or worry about what they are to say to a prospect… MLM Recruiting how to have posture

When in reality is not what you say to a prospect but how you say it that is going to get them interested in looking at your business.

Posture and body language are far more important then memorizing some fancy dance sales script.


This business is without a doubt 90% posture and 10% what you say.

If you go to a prospect all jacked up right out of your mind excited… it does not matter what you say to them… they will be so damn curious to find out what in the hell has you so wound up that they are without a doubt going to rush home to take a look at your business presentation.

How do I know this?

Because it happened to me…

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When I first become involved with the right people and the right MLM company, I just knew deep down this was it, my life was going to change for ever…

And as a result I was fired up man…I was jacked right up out of my mind!

I called everyone and anyone, and I have “NO IDEA” what I said to them… but whatever it was I said it with PASSION!!

And people responded BIG TIME!!

A huge percentage of the people I spoke with looked at my MLM business presentation and a very large amount of them joined.

I can recall one of our first events, my brother and I had over 175 people out… this was within our first 2 months of being in business… why because we were excited and we had posture and people want to be around people who are going places… and by listening to us they could tell we were going places.


Now I am not suggesting that you act like a “MAD MAN’… and just start going crazy…

But what I am telling you is that ANY time you are speaking with a prospect… You MUST sound excited… you Must be confident…



You must give the impression that you are going places with or without this person and that they would be out of their flipping minds not to look at your deal!

Do not be apologetic…

…do not be all meek timid and scared acting.

You have the deal!!   They do not!

What you have they need… (not the other way around)

…so act like it when speaking to your prospects, and it will blow your mind how they respond!


How To Get Posture…

Now some people have posture naturally and others have to work on it…

But anyone can develop it.

Personal development and being around successful people is key…

When you surround yourself with positivity and people who are being successful in your business, the posture will rub off on you!!

Give it a try… crank up your excitement level and posture and see how it goes.

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE!! 🙂

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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