MLM Recruiting: How Shy People Can Rock It

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Ok… honesty time… lets giv’er a go…  how many freaking times have you gotten ready to call a prospect, picked up the phone and then hung it back down without making the call?

Myself I can tell you  I have done it countless times!

And the reason for it is FEAR! MLM Recruiting for Shy People

Fear of rejection, fear of bugging people, fear of getting yelled at, fear of being hung up on… etc!

Lets be honest, mlm prospecting is a “Hard on the Freaking Head” activity…

…you have to get waaaaaayyyyy out of your comfort zone…  and you have to contact a pile of people to be a success… and I mean a pile!

Now do not get me wrong… that is cool and all.. because in the end all success in MLM is is being able to share your home based business with people over and over again!

But if you are shy…  if you hate prospecting… there is a better way!

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There are 2 Forms of MLM Prospecting…

You see the type of prospecting I just described is what I call “Active” Prospecting…

You are actively chasing after people…  you are like a Hunter… out hunting and stalking your prey!

The much more enjoyable and fun way is to be more like the lobster or crab fisherman who places a trap” … so his prey comes to him, because he has nice bait attracting them!

This is “Passive” prospecting!

When it comes to mlm recruiting this is accomplished through “Marketing”!

Some call it Attraction Marketing… because again you are attracting your target market to you.


Now here is the beauty of this type of mlm prospecting…

You will most definitely still have to use the phone, BUT when you call these people OR when they call you…

… it is a fun, enjoyable and comfortable conversation!


Because they want to hear from you… they want to talk to you… they want to hear what you have to say…

…you are not chasing them!


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MLM Recruiting Becomes Fun!

People who start focusing their network marketing recruiting strategy based on marketing gain confidence…

…they start having fun…  they are excited to make recruiting calls.

it is a game changer for a lot of people.

Now again do not get me wrong…

I am 100% about your warm market…

I am also 100% about making sure you are Actively prospecting at least 2 people very single day…  you can not get away from this!


If you start learning and engaging in Marketing now…  over time you will be able to use this as your sole means of mlm recruiting.

Over time the 2 people you prospect daily will be prospects you have generated from your Marketing!

So don’t just think about it give it ago, set 20% of your allotted business building time aside for marketing… and get at it!


Here is a post that can help you get started with marketing:


So What’cha Think?  Have you done any MLM Recruiting through marketing?  What are your results like?  And if you have never done it are you going to start?  Let us know in the comments below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. great post Robb. Having people attracted to us rather than do the chasing is a better way to go. Loved your tips

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