MLM Recruiting: Go on a Blitz

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MLM Recruiting: Go on a Blitz

I can not tell you how many times I have heard my friend and mentor Eric Worre say…

“that this business is easier to build fast then slow”. mlm recruiting time to blitz

Here is what he means…

The reality of success in your MLM business is that …You are going to talk to and share your business with a lot of prospects and only a few will join your mlm business.

It could be you speak to 100 people and only 3-5 join when you are starting out…  5% is a good rule to go by!

… so what Eric is saying is that if when engaged in mlm recruiting activities you focus and get to those 100 people right away within your first week or two now you have found your 3-5 new business builders right away…

…now you have a team who can do the same and you can create serious growth very quickly in your business.


But the opposite is also true…

…if you just take your time and have the mindset of Slow & steady wins the race…  and you talk to 2 people a day… it is going to take you 50 freaking days to go through your list of 100…  and find your 3-5 people… 50 freaking days!

Most people will quit well before then because there is a real chance they will not find the 3-5 people until day 35 or 40 of recruiting and by then they will be discouraged and give up.

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This is Probably one of the Biggest MLM Recruiting Secrets Ever…

Leaders go on mlm recruiting blitz’s a couple of times a year…  every year!

They get uncomfortable for a season and just go into heavy recruiting mode for a week or two or longer (even up to 30 days).

This is big… and if you are not getting the results you desire you need to ask yourself have you done this?

When I first started in this industry I made a list of 250 people and went to them in my first 2 weeks… signed up 18 people at a $1400 level…

Talk about creating momentum…  my business exploded… I taught the same concept to my people and great things happened.


So how about you…

=> have you made a list of at least 100 people with phone numbers?

=> have you CALLED them? (do not relay on facebook or email, pick up the phone!!)


There is no magic mlm recruiting secret…  the key is to go into massive action and simply get uncomfortable for a short season and starting smiling and dialling!

There is no magic mlm recruiting scrip either… simply ask people if they are open to looking at a side project… in fact I even suggest going with the approach of asking people for a favour, ask them to support you by taking a look at your opportunity…

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The key with recruiting is that we are simply trying to get exposures to our business presentation… meaning people to watch it.

That is all your job is and if you do it the numbers will fall into place…  you will recruit your percentage of new business builders.

If you need some help with what to say to your prospects this blog post may help:

MLM Recruiting: How You Say it Matters More Than What You Say


How About You?

Have you gone on a Major Blitz, Are You Now Going to?

Let me know in the comments below!


Video – MLM Recruiting: Go on a Blitz

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love Eric Worre…. his Go Pro seminars are incredible… you are right on here Robb… 90 day blitz is the way to go….. thanks for sharing….. great article again…

  2. Love it! Going on a blitz bam!

  3. Robb … This is a killer post man. Love the concept of the blitz. Great reminder that leaders do a blitz multiple times a year. Regroup and do it again. Great post my friend – keep it coming

  4. love this post Rob. Good reminder about the blitz. Something about it creates madd momentum. Better fast then slow that’s for sure. Keep givin us the goods

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