MLM Recruiting: Facebook Sponsoring

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MLM Recruiting: Facebook Sponsoring

Today we are going to look at how you can start using the Internet as the incredible tool that it is!

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ESPECIALLY with the advancement of Social Media…

How awesome is Social Media?  Well it is simply a virtual gold mine for network marketers!

Seriously think about it…  no tool or technology has the ability to effect your business like Social Media!

Think about all of the sites like facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube… filled with people… they are basically just a party waiting to happen right there on your computer.

Seriously you can literally sit in your pajamas at any time of the day and head out and network with the exact type of person you want to prospect at any time of the day or night!

The possibilities WHEN done correctly are limitless!


But WAY to many people are getting it all wrong…


They literally do not have a clue how to use these incredible tools.

You know exactly what I am talking about… there are so many people who are way off base with their strategy for social media.

I have grouped them into 2 groups:


Group #1  Are basically the spammers!

And what they do is they build their profiles to look like a big sales pitch for their opportunity.

I mean they fill it up with the typical Network Marketing garbage.

Going on and on about their opportunity and how it is the best, just launched, has a new product, new compensation plan… bla bla bla!

Then they head out and start harassing people by adding hordes of friends and contacting them daily asking them to take a look at their opportunity.

And they try to be oh so slick…  by starting out with a line like “Hey Robb loved your site…  and wanted to say hello”  followed immediately with a sales pitch!

These guys are nothing but spammers and will never build a network marketing business online!


Group #2: The “Happy Go Lucky Look at Me I am Walking my Little Doggie Group”!

You know the one…

The guy or gal on your twitter or facebook account that keeps you up to date on everything that is taking place in their life.

If their cat sneezes they run to twitter to let all of their friends know!

News Flash…. NOBODY CARES!!!


OK so what should you do…  lets bring this all together for you.

Social Media is awesome!

But what you need to have is a plan.


So here are the basics…

=> First set up your profile to definitely indicate what you do… 

…definitely have links to your opportunity page but do not make it spammy…   do not go on and on about your company, etc

=> Second set up your profile so that it shows you enjoying life…

…living it up…  doing things that people want to be doing…  boating, skiing, eating out, on vacation.

The dream lifestyle type of stuff.  The image you want to portray!

So get rid of the pictures of uncle buck winning the beer chugging contest at the local country fair!

=> Third when you are updating your profile and letting people know what you are doing…  mix it up!

Definitely tell people what you are up to…  have fun with it…  but do not go wild.

Give people a glimpse of who you are as it is a great way to build a relationship….

BUT also send out quality…   information that is motivating and helpful to reaching their goals is always great.


For example this is what I would send out as updates on facebook:

– A few that reflect what I am doing with my family that day.

– Anything special I am doing such as going to dinner, golfing, skiing, etc

– a motivational quote that I enjoyed.

– and any links to any blogs, articles or videos I enjoyed.

That’s it…  easy stuff and incredibly powerful.


Focus on Relationships

Then simply go out and build REAL relationships with the people who you think would be a great fit for your business.

But do not hammer them over the head with your business… Develop a relationship with them first… remember “Friends First”… then when the time approach them about your business… using the lines I train on in Bulls Eye Prospecting (free copy on side of blog for ya)

The great thing about this strategy is, Online you can develop and become online friends in a fraction of the time it takes to become friends with someone offline.
On social media I have become friends and recruited them into my business in under 12 hours!

Very very cool!

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(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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