MLM Prospecting: Where to Find Prospects

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Ah the question asked by every MLM’er since the dawn of MLM prospecting…

Where to find prospects!?!

And no question in my books it is a very valid question and one that must be worked out if you ever want to have any success with your MLM business.

No MLM Prospects and you have no business period!

However I have found there are different reasons people ask this question… take a look at the following and see if you can relate to any of them:


The 4 Types of People Who Ask This Question

1) The Excuse Makers

Some people are just making an excuse not to get to work at recruiting and sponsoring into their business.. because they are terrified!  MLM Prospecting where to find prospects

They are simply afraid to pick up the phone and call prospects.

They know tons of people, there are tons of prospects around them every day, but they are simply chicken!

2) The Judgers

These people disqualify half of their mlm prospecting list without even speaking to the prospects.

They figure this person will not join or that person would not be interested, and they scratch them off their list.

As a result they run out of people to sponsor without even making a call.


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3) The Time Wasters

Then we have the group of people who do not believe their upline when it comes to what they are told works for building a big business… so they set off on their own trying to re-invent the mlm sponsoring wheel.

Instead of calling prospects they spend hours and hours researching online how to find prospects and basically lying to themselves by telling themselves that all this research is business building activities.

4) The Confused People

There is so much Crap out on the internet in regards to how to build a network marketing business and how to be successful at MLM prospecting that people can simply get lost in all the garbage.

The Internet is a great tool, but is also a great place for “marketers” to rope and dope you into buying their newest latest fancy dancy course, tool or sure proof no way you can fail (piece of crap) system!

People can get lost for years online trying to figure out MLM prospecting…


The Truth on MLM Prospecting

Here is the deal gang…

Prospects are everywhere!

Now I know many of you don’t want to hear that… you are looking for some secret magic potion… but the fact of the matter is prospects for your network marketing business are all around you!

This business is simply a matter of sharing your business with people on a regular basis.

Set a number of people daily you are going to share your mlm business with and do not put your head on your pillow at night until you do it.

 => Want to be successful in 5-10 years, talk to 2 people a day…

=> Want to go faster and be a success in 3 – 5 years talk to 5 people a day…

=> Want to get it done in 12 – 24 months speak with over 10 people a day…

There is no magic… learn how to present your opportunity to people and then just toughen up… get some thick skin and go and do it!

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But Robb Where do I Find these MLM Prospects…

Pick up my free course 25 ways to get leads now for a complete list…

However in the mean time here are my top 3 places to find MLM prospects:

#1) The people that you already know!

Yup your warm market guys… it has worked for thousands and thousands before you and it will work for you.

I created a very nice 6 figure income just from my warm market alone… and so can you!

Make that list of people… get at least 100 names down.. do not judge them… go through the list sharing your opportunity and product with them…

…And when you are through that list… make another list of 100 and rinse and repeat!

2) Social Media…

Spend 30 minutes a day meeting new people on Facebook and LinkedIn…

Do not spam people… go build genuine relationships and when the time is right share your business opportunity with them…

3) Recruit Professionals into your Network Marketing Business…

What I recommend is first focusing your mlm prospecting on your warm market…

Once that is tapped… start meeting new people on social media… this can take a wee bit of time… so while you are building those relationships… start collecting business cards of professionals and call them up…

… introduce yourself and let them know you are a entrepreneur looking to expand your business and are curious if they keep their options open when it comes to additional streams of income.

If they say no… who cares.. thank them for their time and move on…

… if they say yes… get them to look at your presentation!


MLM Prospecting is NOT Rocket Science guys…

Just get out there and do it…

Sure it is hard at first… but it gets easier and easier AND it is so worth it!

So drop the excuses and just get out there and do it!


More Training on MLM Prospecting

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Your Turn Does this make sense to you?  Either way share your MLM prospecting experiences with us below in the comment!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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