MLM Prospecting: How To Get Referrals

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MLM Prospecting: How To Get Referrals

Hey gang how goes the battle?

I trust the answer is a resounding GOOD! mlm prospecting how to get referrals

I can assure you that if you are into TRUE Action…  meaning being engaged and talking to people about your business daily then your energy will be up, good things are happening in your business AND your battle will be going AWESOME!

Today I am going to explain to you a very quick and easy way to generate leads…

Obviously if you took 2 seconds to read the title of this blog post you know that I am talking about Referrals!

Ok…  now I am going to assume that if you are still here after reading the title of this post and seeing the word referrals in it that you are not just a smart person but someone who is serious about becoming a success in your MLM business…

I say this because there would be a shit pile of people who would not read this blog post because of the word “Referrals” in it…


Because they are scared!

Because they are looking for the easy push button… never have to work way to success.

And because the words “Get Referrals” means they will have to talk to people, they will have to go out of their comfort zone and ask for them… well for most people that scares the crap out of them.

Here are my thoughts on that…

1) if they are not willing to get out of their comfort zone then they Do NOT Deserve Success… so bye bye!  Smile

2) if they had of stuck around and read this post then they would have discovered not just how EASY this strategy is..  but also how powerful it is!

Ok enough of my Rant… lets get you Drivers some good stuff!


Referrals ROCK!

Asking for them does two things…

1) it provides you with more prospects to talk to about your business… (the referrals you get… duh!)

2) AND it gives you a reason to go back to your tapped list!

Yup… right now if you are saying you have no one to talk to…  you have spoken to EVERYONE you know… WELL… take out that list again because we are going back to them again… BUT with a different strategy…

And this does two things… first as I said it gets you referrals, but by using my strategy it takes the opportunity AWAY from your prospects…  your original list…

…they had their shot and they turned it down…too bad they lose… so this creates a sense of the good ol’Fear of Loss in them… “THE TAKE AWAY”…

… so some of the people you go back to for referrals will actually end up wanting to take another look at the business… IF you let them that is!  Smile


OK… Here Is How You Approach Getting Referrals for Your MLM Business:

I take out my list of warm market prospects I SHARED my opportunity with…  mlm prospecting how to get referrals

I call them up and say the following…

“Hey Mr so & so…  I know that you said this business was not for you and that is great, no problem, it is not for everyone… BUT we have a ton of great things happening right now and we are looking for sharp people who would like to join us in making a six figure income part time….  I know you are a sharp person so I was wondering if you could do me a favor and help me out by giving me the names and numbers of 5 people who would like to make that kind of money?”

Two things have happened here…

1) You have exposed the prospect to the business again and the thought of making Six Figures part time will cross their mind and they may look at your business again.

2) You have called him/her sharp, complimented them and asked for a favor, put them in a role of being Mr. or Mrs. Important… most people will respond with at least 1-2 names if you ask for 5!  Because they like to think they are helping you out!


Do The Math…

Lets say you were like me and you made an original list of 200 people…

Yup 200 people… EASY and ANYONE can do it…  just do it and stop with the excuses!

So your Original list was 200…  10% joined you or 20 people…

That leaves 180 No’s…  that you can now go back to for referrals…

lets say ONLY 80 of them agree to giving you referrals… I am being Ultra FREAKING Conservative here…  a lot more then that will give you referrals if you do it the way I just showed you…

But lets go with 80…

You ask each for 5 names & numbers of sharp people…  each ONLY gives you 2…

2 x 80 = 160 new people to go and talk to about your business…

HELLO a whole new list…


But Lets Take It A Step Further…

Out of the 160 new people you go to… lets say 10% join… or 16 people…

That leaves 144 people you can now ASK for referrals from… lets again say only 80 of them give you referrals and each of the 80 give you two…

Wham BAM Boom a whole new list of 160 people!!

Now will the numbers work out just like this… probably not… BUT you get the idea… this strategy ALONE will create for you an ENDLESS Supply of MLM Leads!

Get out of your comfort Zone…

…like everything else in this business of Network Marketing, it is EASY once you Just Go Out And DO IT!


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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