MLM Cold Market Prospecting Secrets

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MLM Cold Market Prospecting Secrets

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Probably the number one question I get as a trainer in network marketing is “How can I recruit new distributors from the cold market”? mlm cold market prospecting

I can relate to this question and the frustration people can experience when trying to find the answer.

I built a six figure mlm business from the warm market, I went to everyone I knew and had great success doing so, but eventually you grow tired of running back to the same people hounding them.  The warm market can and will dry up if you are working it correctly.

At that point you must transition to the cold market and do so correctly or it will be a very frustrating experience.

There are MANY different ways to prospect in the cold market.

We are going to talk about one of them today, HOWEVER the technique I am going to describe can be used for most if not all methods of cold market MLM prospecting.

I believe that if you want really lasting success in MLM then you need to get over your fear of speaking to people.  You need to man up, load up on personal development and simply talk to people.

And yes I am talking about keeping your eye open for sharp looking strangers….  yes talking to people you do not know!

Now I am NOT talking about running up to people and smashing them over the head with your business opportunity…  I am talking about people that you meet going through your normal activities during the day.

Or for that matter being intentional in trying to meet people.  Meaning intentionally going to events and such where you have no choice to meet people.

You can ALSO use the following MLM cold market prospecting strategy very effectively on social media like facebook!

Ok lets get into it…

The best way to explain this technique is to tell you an story…  so yup its story time.

I am out to dinner in a nice restaurant…  during the course of our meal I notice the waiter is very sharp, presents well, is friendly, etc…

Being always engaged in active prospecting mode…  I think to myself this person may be a good fit for my business.

as we are paying the tab I compliment the person…

“Just wanted to tell you that my wife and I enjoyed having you as our waiter tonight, you did a great job…  How long have you worked here?”

Strategy here is I genuinely complimented the person or thanked them…  then I asked a question…  “How long have you worked here?”

Then I asked them…  “are you from the area originally”?

He said No and that he was going to university at UNB here in town…

=> Now here is where I transition to prospecting because I have what I need to make a connection… I now know he goes to university here…  UNB!

I say…

“right on…  we have to get going…  BUT.. we actually work with quite a few people who go to UNB, we teach them how to make some extra money with a side project that we do… and if you would be at all open to checking it out I would be more then happy to send you some information on it…  I have no idea if it would be a fit for you or not but I would be more then happy to send it over to you to check out?”


a few prospecting secrets here…

#1) Be in a rush… act like you have to get going…

#2) Do not be desperate…  sales… do not go into details on the business… have posture…  you are doing him a favour and if interested you will get him the information later.

#3) Everyone is OPEN to looking…  most mlm distributors would say “are you interested”…  most people are not interested BUT they are Open… and ALL you are doing when prospecting into your mlm business is collecting decisions, so you are looking for people who are OPEN to looking at your presentation, that is it!

Easy strategy gang… key is to get over your fear of talking to people, just do it, it is not hard using this method of recruiting, gets rid of all fear and rejection.

You can use this method on facebook also… and it works with any sharp person you come across!

I trust this post gave you some value..  if so do me a favour and let me know in the comments below!


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