Lighten Up Your Breakfast for A Leaner Looking You

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Lighten Up Your Breakfast for A Leaner Looking You

Many of us think that the less we eat the less calories we are eating and the more weight we will loss… a leaner you

Guess what? It’s not true!

Many of us shy away from a large breakfast because we think it will pack on the pounds so we opt for the “little” muffin at the coffee shop or the “tiny” bagel in the lunch room.

Almost never, are the muffins at your favorite coffee house little or low fat for that matter.

In fact, a large coffeehouse muffin has around 600 calories and 20-25 grams of fat.

Add that to the cream and sugar you put in your coffee and you are looking at a 700 calorie, sugar and fat stocked breakfast!

If you are not an early morning eater try to at least grab a fruit and a healthy breakfast bar… this will be more protein and fiber for you to start your day off right.


The key to weight loss and kick starting your metabolism lies in a healthy breakfast.

Think about it for a moment… if the first thing you put in your system is refined sugars, fats and unhealthy carbohydrates, how is your system possibly going to function at its most efficient level the rest of the day?

Something to keep in mind is the idea that it’s not how much you eat, not when you eat but WHAT you eat that will be the deciding factor of weight gain or weight loss.

It’s a simple concept that has kept millions of us ignoring the simple truth for years!

If you consume more calories than your body uses, you’ll gain weight. It’s really that simple!


Another problem that plagues our society is eating on the run.

We are so busy that we leave out the importance of plugging our body every few hours of healthy fuel to keep us going for the food unhealthy

By the time we get around to eating something it usually involves grabbing something off of a corner store shelf or going through a drive-through on the way home.

For many people who come home late, the tendency to overeat is higher because we are “starving,” which usually leads to “picking” or overeating at dinner.

When you consume the bulk of your calories for the day later in the evening, you trigger a large insulin rush, especially if you are eating rich carbohydrates like potatoes, bread or pasta.

Instead what needs to happen is, you need to spread your calories over 2-3 meals, eating frequently to keep your metabolism burning efficiently and not allowing an excess of fat to be stored.


Last but not least don’t be afraid to snack.

Snacking on healthy choices like low glycemic fruits and green vegetables with fat-free dip allow you to kill your hunger pain as well as carry you over till your next meal.

Having healthy choices on hand, in the glove box, beside your desk etc leaves no room to grab something from the vending machine or corner store.

Remember making healthy choices is part of EVERYDAY living, it’s what gives you the ability to be proud of the healthy decisions you make.

You only have one body so take care of it!

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