Keep Your Butt in the Game and Finally Win

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Keep Your Butt in the Game and Finally Win

The only way you have a chance of winning the game is by being in it. The more shots you take the more shots you will make. The longer you try to become a success and reach your goals the better the odds are that you stay-in-the-game to have successwill.

The law of averages is your friend… The more you play the better your chance of winning.

As long as you continue to try you are on you are actually in fact winning the race. The only way you can lose your race is if you give up and quit.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged, instead look at every bump along the way as an opportunity to learn… Your journey to success is your training grounds.

It is where you learn what works, it is where you refine and modify your plan, it is where you morph into the person you must become in order to succeed.

The only people who do not make mistakes are the ones who do not try… Do not let those who are not in the game stop you from winning yours.

Make the decision that nothing is going to stop you. Make the decision that you will become a success no matter what.

See your success, envision it. Make it become a part of you. You have got to want it as much as you want to live. You have got to get the attitude that it will be yours and you will not stop until it is no matter what obstacle you have to go over, under or through!

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You can’t win this game if you are afraid of failing. Use your fear to make you mad…

Get mad that fear would dare get in your way to becoming and having what you desire. Use that as motivation to push you onwards.

Look at your fear and punch it right in the face… walk over… crush it with your action… You have the power in you to have it all!


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