Is Your Network Marketing Team Stuck and Not Growing?

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Have you recruited people into your network marketing team expecting them to take off and load up your downline for you, only to see them do nothing?network marketing team duplication

Is your downline stuck, stagnant, dead, going now where fast?

If your answer is yes your problem comes down to the lack of that magical ingredient of…

Network Marketing Duplication!

There is no question that without duplication you are toast, done, dead in the water.

So first off what is duplication and then how do you get it cranking in your business??


What is Network Marketing Duplication…

Duplication is one of the best kept network marketing secrets…  you may have heard of the word, but do you really know what it is and how it works?

Probably not! (most don’t)

Duplication comes down to getting your downline to duplicate your efforts and grow bigger and bigger and bigger…  resulting in your checks getting fatter and fatter and fatter!

Sounds simple right?

It is BUT like most things in this business most people screw it all up!


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You can not do it ALL on your own…

In order to make network marketing work for you…  you really need to get this and understand this!

Because in this industry the quote “If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me” is the kiss of death!

Eric Worre once told me that and I did not believe him at first…

I figured it was all up to me… I was the guy… I would do it with or without help!

I was of course wrong and I quickly figured it out…

No one and I mean no one can recruit their way to the top!

The whole point of network marketing is to grow a team of people who will eventually continue to grow without your efforts.

This is where the true financial freedom comes into play.

And Duplication is paramount in this type of growth taking place.


How Network Marketing Duplication Works…

The whole thought process behind duplication is keeping your activities as easy & simple but also as effective as possible…

… this is so that anyone with determination can do the activities and hence grow their own downline and in the process your downline!

When I worked with Randy Gage… he would always say…  it does not matter if it works…  it matters if it duplicates!

What he meant was that he did not care if you recruited 500 people…  if the method you brought them in to the business with was not easy enough to be duplicated by those 500 then recruiting them was useless!!

This is golden information my friend… and a huge network marketing tip… understand this!!

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How to Set Up Your Network Marketing Team for Duplication

I recommend you do what I learned from after another leader  who I have a great deal of time for…

He has a downline that has leaders that all use different methods of recruiting…  ALL of which are duplicatable…

…so what he will do is when he recruits a new team member into his downline is have a conversation with them to determine their strengths and weaknesses and then he will recommend different duplicatable building methods for them based on that conversation.

I like this because what works for some does not work for others…  and there really is no cookie cutter…  one size fits all method for success with your network marketing recruiting.

As long as the methods used in your business are duplicatable you are all set!


Different strokes for different folks…

To build a network marketing team understand that some recruiting methods will work for some people and other methods will work for others.

That is why it is important to always be educating yourself in this industry…  know about all of the different methods of recruiting out there…

Focus on the one that works best for you… but know how to plug your team members into other methods.

Meaning just because you use Attraction Marketing does not mean that your whole downline will follow suit…

Some may prefer to get out and network and meet people…

Others may want to call mlm leads …

Others may simply want to become masters of the Social Networking sites such as Facebook and twitter and meet prospects that way…

The key is to work with the willing where they are at AND keep the activities simple so they are duplicatable… do this and you will see your downline start to take off!!
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Your Turn Have you experienced duplication in your network marketing business?  And if so how did it happen? Let us know in the comments section below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head…. duplication is so very important…. If we use the KISS principle then everyone will see the business as easy and duplicatable… great post Robb… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome info on duplication. You are spot on and giving some great value here! Most people don’t duplicate properly. Thanks for the tips!

  3. It definitely works better if people aren’t pushed into doing it in a way that they are uncomfortable with. I think also it is about being able to plug your team into other people that can help them hone the area they are most comfortable with. You bring up some great points!

  4. Robb, I believe that we need a system that duplicates if we are to expect people to duplicate. Your thoughts?

    • Robb Corbett says:

      Hey Ron… depends on what “system” means… If we use the word loosely to include training’s that show people how to do the business following a simple plan… then yes! If we are talking about some complicated online or offline marketing “system” then no I do not believe we require that sort of system. Make sense?

  5. Awesome….very powerful ideas which will help me

  6. I agree that everyone should work with their strengths. That way you have a team of people with different skills and your team wil duplicate what works for them.

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