Increase Your Happiness by Breaking Bad Habits

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Increase Your Happiness by Breaking Bad Habits

All of us have bad habits. Maybe some are ‘worse” then others, but we all have them. And most of these bad habits hurt us in some fashion or another hence why they are called BAD! When something is hurting you or tearing you down it is breaking-bad-habitshard to stay upbeat and positive or be happy.

Just like there are hordes of bad habits there are also hordes of methods you could implement to break them.

There are books you can read to help you, you could join a support group or even go so far as seeking help from a counselor. And if you require one of these methods you should move fast to do so.

However with most bad habits… a simple common sense approach will allow you to break it and doing so will increase your self esteem and as a result make you a happier person.


=> Swearing is a habit that you may have picked up at a young age. In fact you may swear or curse so much that you do not even realize that you are doing so. The first step to break this bad habit is to pay attention to what you are saying…

Anytime you curse or swear put $1 in a jar. This will make your more aware of what you are saying. Have a bet with your significant other or a friend. Who ever curses the least gets the jar of money from the other person. This will put a competitive edge to your attempts at stopping. Bet you it will not take you long to stop!



=> Biting your nails is a very common habit and it can be a tough one to break. It also does not look good, both seeing some biting their nails and looking at the damage they do to their fingers. For the most part nail biting is connected to being nervous. It is difficult to be a completely happy person if you are dealing with nervousness. Not to mention it is a very un-sanitary thing to do.

One of the ways to deal with this bad habit is to deal with the underlying nervous issue. A simple strategy to help you quit is to buy nail polish designed to help you quit biting your nails. It tastes terrible and it seems to really help people..


=> Bragging is a bad habit that will alienate people from you. Nobody wants to be around people who are always bragging about themselves. The underlying issue that makes people brag is either insecurity or overly proud. The key to stop braggingbreaking this habit is to first be aware you are bragging too much, then take a few seconds before you speak to think about what you are going to say. Think before you speak. If it sounds like it may be considered by the other person as bragging refrain from saying it. People will recognize great things you do by simply observing what you do, you do not need to talk about them. Action speaks louder then words.


=> Name dropping is another bad habit that drives people who you are around crazy. It is also based on being insecure. It is again broken simply by being aware of the fact you do it and then like bragging, simply think before you speak.

Instead of saying things like my Friend “Brad Pitt”, simply say my friend Brad. Think before you speak!.


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=> Whining is the next bad habit that will push people away from you. It is hard to be a happy person if you are whining all the time. Whining is another word for complaining and if you are complaining that means you are focusing on the negative side of life and not the positive. The only way to break this is by working towards becoming a happy positive person.

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These are just a few of the smaller bad habits that you can break on your own with determination and a can do positive attitude.

Check out this video I did up for a few more tips on breaking your bad habits and living a happier life.

Like any goal in life it takes effort and dedication to break bad habits, but you can do it and once you break one bad habit you will gain confidence that you can break all of your bad habits.

Turning these negative bad habits into positives in your life is just one more step on your journey to living a happy life!


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