If You Want Success Zig

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Want Success… Then Start Zigging!

Some time ago I was building a business with my brother as my partner. It was a very competitive field and one where the failure rate was quite high.

I suggested that in order to succeed we should stop doing what the majority of people were doing and go our own way.

I coined the phrase we needed to zig when the crowd was zagging!

Meaning do something different!

My experience has been that when the crowd is going one way, you need to go the other. zigging

This principle has held true for most areas of my life and it holds true if you are searching for success in your life.

Lets look at it further…

Lets say you want to create wealth in your life. What is the crowd doing? Well most people go to school, get a job paying them barely enough to survive and they are told to invest 10% in the stock market, so if their lucky and the market does not crash, by the time they reach 65 they will have just enough to barely survive. Living on 40% of what they could not afford to live on in the first place.

Not this guy I choose to zig!!!

If you want wealth you have to go and create it, you will have to take risks, you will have to work long hours , you will have to do exactly the opposite of what the crowd is doing. But the rewards will be tremendous.

Let’s look at another example…

You decide you want to get in shape and lose weight. Obviously you are not going to do what the majority of people are doing. Eating hordes of processed foods high in saturated fats, not exercising,, etc.

No you are going to have to zig big time!!

Hit the gym, cut back on the serving sizes, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, the right amount of protein, etc!

Break away from the herd gang… stop listening to the crowd. Do not take anyone’s advice unless you want to have what they have.

Stop playing it safe. get motivated, live an inspired life and chase after your dreams. You only have this one life on this planet. Think about your last years of life, do you want to look back and say “wow I wish I had of at least tried”!

Life is yours for the taking, if you go for it…

And the easiest way to create the success you desire is simply look at how the crowd is zagging and then simply start zigging!!

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