If You Want More Do More!

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If You Want More Do More!

When it comes down to it Gang, success will not just be given to you. You have to go and get it.

No one every achieved success by simply doing what is expected of them. You must go above and beyond!

Success is going to require that you not only do more but also become more.

I can remember Jim Rohn talking about how his mentor told him if you want simply a standard existence then the standard education will do-a-little-bit-moreprovide it, however if you want more then that you will have to do more then what is standard.

Meaning in order to really excel in life you can’t just do what most people do.

So lets look at that. What do most people do?

Well they go to school, some go onto university, then they get out and they find a job they work for 40 years while either depending on their companies retirement fund or investing 5-10% of their pay into a mutual fund, and hopefully if all works out they can retire at age 65.

Ask yourself, is this what I want for myself?

If it is, then great, the plan to accomplish this is an easy one and very much a sure thing. It has been proven over and over again, just look around you, 95% of the population is using it.

If this is not what you want then ask yourself what am I doing to make sure this is not my destiny?

Life is not a trial run my friends, we have one go round at this and if you want to simply survive that is more then ok… however if you want to thrive then you need to go for it!

Put your all into it… Do what ever you need to do now so that you can have whatever you want later. (in a few short years).

Being successful takes vision and personal discipline.

The shortest way to success is find someone who has accomplished what you want and then simply discipline yourself to follow their plan.

You will find that finding the path or plan to success is not the difficult thing. The daily discipline to stick with the plan is what the majority of us have the problem with.

We have great intentions when we get started, but in very short time life gets in the way. We either let life’s little problems rob us of our potential…

Or even worse we let our desire for instant gratification derail our efforts. Meaning instead of sticking to our commitment of working 1 – 2 hours tonight on our plan we decide that just for tonight we can watch some tv… and before long we are laying on the couch every night instead of working our plan.

If you truly want success start working on your personal discipline. Take baby steps. Put plans in place that are realistic for yourself and then stick to them, as you do this you will start to prove to yourself that you can stay committed.

In the end success is just a decision! What’s yours going to be?

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