I calmly release my stress into the wind.

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I calmly release my stress into the wind.

I make it a point to let go of the events in my life that give me stress. I let the wind whisk my troubles away as soon as they begin, leaving me relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the rest of my day with greater clarity.

I believe in my ability to release stress. I possess all the skills that I need to deal with life’s challenges.  The-wind-carries-stress away

I know that worry is unnecessary. By focusing on positive thoughts, I am better able to deal with all aspects of my life, leading me to greater success.

When stress begins to arise, I calmly look the other way and focus on what I can do next. I am empowered to handle anything life throws at me.

My work is unaffected by stressful thoughts. Stress and everything that comes with it only serve as deterrents to my goals. So I release my worries and perform to the best of my abilities. Unsurprisingly, I can accomplish a lot this way!

Today, I take a deep breath, let go of my stress, and blow it out into the wind. As it disappears, I know I am powerful enough to resolve my challenges and achieve my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What situations typically cause me stress?
2. How do I usually handle these situations? Does that work for me?
3. What are some more ways I can release stress from my life?

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