How To Recruit Busy People Into Your MLM

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How To Recruit Busy People Into Your MLM

Hey gang…  ok you get 3 guesses to guess who are the best people to recruit into your mlm business opportunity… AND your first 2 guesses do not count! recruit-busy-people-mlm-business

Bam… you got it… (at least I hope!)…  BUSY PEOPLE!

Why are busy people the best people to recruit into your MLM business?

For a whole host of reasons…

=>  They are obviously not lazy!

=> They are obviously hard workers!

=> They know how to multi task!

=> They are not sitting around watching TV all night.

=>  AND they are usually already successful and influential people already!

=> And a whole host of other reasons!

You show me a busy person who is working his tail off to try and build a future for him/her… I will show you someone who could tear up a MLM Business if they will open their mind to looking at it.

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So how do YOU go about recruiting these busy people?

1) Well first you start with the Busy people you know of course.

Ask them to look at your opportunity… do whatever you have to to just get them to take a look.  Sometimes the best tool to give a busy person is an audio CD so they can listen to it while on the road!


2) Then when your run out of the people you know you go out and meet other busy people…

Typically these would be professionals…  so go where they are.

Your town or cities local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade is a GREAT place to start.

These groups typically have a monthly mixer where people just get together to talk.  Your goal is not to go to these events and sell to these people… it is to go and create a RELATIONSHIP… get to know them.

Be sure to collect business cards from them and stay in touch.


3) Speaking of business cards another place to get in contact with busy people is to stop into coffee shops and gas stations, etc… anywhere there is a bulletin board that has a place people can put their ad or business card…

Collect their information… write it down… do not take their card leave it for someone who can use if for the purpose it was put there…

Then simply contact these people and build a relationship..

I heard a GREAT approach for this the other day… Tell the person you are a Entrepreneur and you believe that building a network is the key to everyone’s success and you just wanted to connect and introduce yourself…  then just build a relationship… meet up with them for a coffee…  drop into their business to put a face to the name…  email them form time to time… connect on social media..



4) Speaking of social media… it is a GOLD mine for meeting busy people.

Facebook is awesome for this… pick the type of Busy person you want to meet… entrepreneur, mortgage broker, sales man, whatever…  and go search for groups created for people within this profession…  and start making friends with the people in it.

Busy people are everywhere… and they NEED what we have!


How to Approach Busy People…

Your approach to them when you are ready to share your business needs to be one of showing them how they can have the lifestyle they are working so hard for… BUT also be able to enjoy it…

Say something like “Wouldn’t it be great to make the type of money or more that you are making BUT also have the time to enjoy it!”

1 Busy person is worth 20 not busy people hands down!

So get good at this approach… don’t be intimated they are only people too… and get out there and start sponsoring some Busy People into your MLM business!


Your Turn…. Let me know in the comments section if you got any value from this AND fill me in on your thoughts and do me a favor and share this on facebook or twitter if you liked it!

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Sooo… what do you think?  Comment below and let me know you are ALIVE!! 🙂

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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