How to Program Your Mind to Win

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One of the craziest aspects of life that I have come to understand over the years is that very much like a robot or a computer software…

… we as human beings are programmed.

How we live our lives on a day to day basis is a result of our programming. how to program your mind to win

Some of the programming is as a result of what we have inherited from our parents both genetically and through conditioning… the environment we were raised in.

Our teachers and religious leaders as well as the culture we live in has programmed us.

This is right, this is wrong, this is what you should do, this is how you should act, this is what to do with your life, etc.


But The Blame is STILL Ours!

However as easy as it would be to blame OTHERS on how our lives have turned out…

…the truth of the matter is that  most of the programming that controls our lives is actually self induced.

You have programmed Your own mind and I have programmed my own mind.

=> Whether it is how I acted after I failed at something…

=> Whether it was giving up one time which made it easier to give up a 2nd time and then a 3rd time… etc etc.

=> Whether it was how I reacted to that curve ball life threw at me.

=> Whether it was how I believed the lie that the life that I lead is the way it will always be.

=> Maybe it was the lie you told yourself that you are not good enough to achieve that goal…  you are not smart enough to become a success…


You Are The Programmer of Your Subconscious Mind!

Regardless of what it is that I or you have told ourselves whether good or bad…  it has resulted in us subconsciously programming ourselves in how to live our lives.

Like a computer system the information we feed ourselves or the lies or truths we tell ourselves are stored in our subconscious mind and we act out in our lives exactly what we have stored (or programmed) inside us.

Once programmed it is sometimes hard to change our life from what we have programmed in our minds to be normal…


Time to Get Reprogrammed the Right Way! 

Here is the good news… the powerful life altering forever news!  be programmed for success

Just like a computer we can reprogram ourselves!

If we programmed ourselves to believe a lie… we can certainly program ourselves to believe the Truth!

And the truth shall set you Free!

The secret to success is to set yourself up for success!

How do you do that?

By programming yourself to achieve… by programming yourself to win!

And you do this slowly… nothing worthwhile happens fast!


Step #1:

This step is without a doubt making the absolute rock hard commitment to yourself that you will engage in a daily regime of personal development!

This is a MUST!

Anytime my life takes a turn for the worse… anytime I am depressed or discouraged I can 100% guarantee that I have fallen off the wagon of my daily commitment to personal development!

We are in the end very simply creatures…

We are products of our environment… whether we make our environment or we accept the environment put on us by others.

What you put into your mind expands…

Garbage in… equals garbage out…

…and the polar opposite is true as well… good stuff in good stuff out!

Read a blog post like this daily…  get a good self help book like The Success Principles and read from it daily…

Commit to this for 30 days and it will blow your mind the change you witness in yourself!


Step #2:

The next step is to set a goal for yourself… something small… something you can realistically achieve with some effort.

=> Maybe it is to spend 30 minutes of quality time a day with your children

=> Maybe it is to spend 15- 20 minutes a day going for a walk or doing some small exercises.

=> Maybe it is taking that course you have been wanting to take.

It will be something different for all of us… it is that one thing we know we should be doing but we are not…

At this very moment you know exactly what that ONE thing is for you!

So focus on that thing… Take that thing and start slowly working towards it…


Baby Steps are the Magic!

Set little goals to achieve it… Baby steps! baby steps to success

The key here is to start achieving…  to start winning…

…regardless how small the win is, you are then starting to program your mind to win…

…you are showing your mind and proving to your subconscious that you can change!

That your life can change… that you can start to improve!

This is powerful stuff.


Become a Success Addict!

Achieving becomes addictive… it becomes empowering!

Achieve one goal and you have proven to yourself you are a winner…  you will want more of how that feels… you will set a new goal and strive towards it! addcited to success

By slowly taking steps to change the way our minds are programmed, it is possible to eventually create the life we desire.

Small changes are powerful.

Over time these small changes compound on themselves and become a life changing force….

Just like that small stream in nature that is tiny and slow…as it starts to join more streams (more changes)… it eventually turns into a faster moving brook… then as more streams and brooks merge they become a small river that eventually becomes a much larger river flowing powerfully and swiftly towards becoming part of an all powerful life changing Ocean.

Our lives work the same way…

…small changes compound together to eventually become life altering changes that can drastically and dramatically shape your life into exactly how you envision it being!

Taking the first step is the key to your success… making that first move is by far the hardest.

The choice is yours my friend… why wait…start out small today!


Your Turn So What’Cha gonna do?

are you ready to start making some small changed in your life?

if so do me a favor and let me know that you are in… comment below.

And for you really brave people share the change you are going to make!


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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