How To Motivate Your MLM Downline

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How To Motivate Your MLM Downline

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It is no secret that in order to have the true walk away residual income with your MLM business getting your team to duplicate is as important or more so then recruiting new distributors. how to motivate your mlm downline

Along with being as important as recruiting it can also be extremely frustrating.

I can remember when I first got going…  I had recruited something like 18 people in my first 1-2 weeks in the business and I was convinced I was DONE!

I was so sure it was going to be easy street for me…  beach style living forever..  for this guy!

I was positive that my 18 people would go out and recruit at least 10 people of their own and their 10 people would do the same and so on and so forth forever!   Can you say… SUNSHINE BABY!!

However as you know if you have been around the network marketing industry for any time at all, that is NOT how the story goes!

Most people who come into this business do so thinking it is get rich quick…  they join and talk to 2-3 people…  get shut down hard by them…  told they are crazy and of course they get discouraged and quit.

That is one of the reasons that if you are not in recruiting mode AT LEAST 80% of the time you are in trouble.

Stay in recruiting mode like that until you at least have 15 – 20 personal enrolees in yoru network marketing downline who will stay as committed to doing the business as you are.

Ok… this is not suppose to be a recruiting post… but rather a post on how to get your team moving.

Here is my own personal philosophy on that….  “You Can Lead A Horse To Water…  BUT You Can Not Make Them Drink”

In Network Marketing language..  “You Can Show A Network Marketer How To Do The Business…  BUT You Can Not Make Them Do It”.

This is where people go wrong…  they enroll 3 – 5 people and then go into the manager role…   they try to make these people successful…  they get out the whip and crack it hard….  “Mush…  Faster…  Faster….  Heee  Yaaa”!

Gang it does not work…  do not do it….

Trust me from experience I know… 

…you will burn yourself out much faster then you will ever get someone to do something that they do not want to do…


Only spend your time with those who deserve your time…  those who are serious.

The 80/20 rule applies here big time….  20% of your people will produce 80% of your results….

So…  work very closely with the 20%…  guide them and train them 1 one 1.

For the other 80% work in a group setting…  put together training materials for them… such as websites and training calls…  let them know these tools are there…  I would even remind them via email weekly that they are there…  but besides that do not waste your time.

Let them know you love them and want the best for them and that you are there for them anytime they are ready to get rocking…  but leave it at that.

Now do not misunderstand me…  it is important to be a GREAT sponsor…

When you enroll someone into your network marketing company sit down and show them how to do the business…  explain the step by step how to get started methods you use……

…BUT let them know that you run your mlm business very much like a dance step…

Meaning “You will take a step…  now they must take a step…  It is not you carrying them”!

And again….  I have to stress this  gang as it happened to me my friend…  DO NOT get caught up in working with the team anymore then 20% of your time….  you MUST stay in recruiting mode….

My motto is if I recruit enough people I am bound to find enough people who will do the deal with or without me!

Find those people…  work with them to build their mlm business and then that is when freedom will ring!!

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