How to Make Money Using Attraction Marketing

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How to Make Money Using Attraction Marketing

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Attraction Marketing… has there ever been a term that has caused as much confusion, debate, discussion or even hissy fits within the Network Marketing industry as attraction marketing has?

Some people love it… some loath it… some are indifferent to it and some have no clue what it is… and most have How to Make Money Using Attraction Marketingzero idea how to use it correctly to make money in the network marketing industry.

So lets dive right into this touchy touchy subject…

First let’s start with should you use Attraction Marketing?

The answer is, it depends!

Yup it depends….

It depends on you… who you are, what type of person you are and what it is you are trying to accomplish!

If you are thinking you will simply jump online and slap up a web site and leads will start pouring in, then stay clear…

If you are looking for the easy way this is not it….

Attraction Marketing is not a magic ticket to success in Network Marketing… it takes time, it takes work and it takes patience?

Depending on how much money you want to invest into your system and marketing it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2-3 years before you see any real results from it.

The second part of this equation of whether you should use Attraction Marketing or not is what your reason for doing so is?

If you think this will create for you an over night success…. Stay clear….

If you are thinking this will be a great thing to get your whole team involved in and grow your business you are wrong and again should stay clear…

I made that mistake when I first discovered Attraction Marketing… a lot of the Guru’s out there will tell you that this is the answer and this is the easy way… they do so in order to sell you their courses and systems…. They know we as humans want EASY… so that is what they will try to sell you!

For me, what happened when I first got involved with attraction marketing, after reading Magnetic Sponsoring was I immediately started promoting it to my team… I promoted what I was taught… and that was that Attraction Marketing was the answer… leads will flow in and people will be begging you to join their business…

So what do you think happened?

Many people from my team flocked to it… because it sounds soooo freaking good and guess what?


Yup… true story, it was painful!

Why did I lose a ton of money?

Because immediately after people from my team started doing attraction marketing, they instantly stopped ALL the other recruiting activities that were working… warm market, luke warm market, social media, calling leads, etc…

And remember when I said it takes 6months – 3 years for success using attraction marketing?

Because of this and the fact all other recruiting activities stopped… Nobody was signing anyone up into the business… no growth was happening… my business was dead….

… and on top of that people were getting frustrated with Attraction marketing… because it takes time they were seeing no immediate results and many got discouraged and quit not just attraction marketing but the whole mlm industry!

So serious freaking lesson learned!!

Now some of you are probably saying, if it is sooo bad why are you doing it RIGHT NOW!

Ah ha…

You see I never said it was so bad… I said it depends on what type of person you are!

Let me explain…

If you are the type of person that understands that success in network marketing is as a result of duplication… and you realize that not everyone on your team will want to or have the ability to do attraction marketing and you will promise yourself not to force it on them… then it might be a fit for you.

If you have already figured out how to recruit new distributors using off line methods or social media then attraction marketing might be a fit for you.

If you will commit to continuing to recruit using off line and social media methods, then attraction marketing may be a fit for you.

If you will still be able to focus 10 hours a week on off line recruiting, social media recruiting, working with your team, and training… then attraction marketing may be a fit for you.

If you will promise yourself you will not spend ANYMORE then 20% of the time you have allotted for building your network marketing business on attraction marketing, then it might be a fit for you.

If you have patience and are ready to spend the next 6months – 3 years building your system (part time) with out seeing any significant results, then this might be for you.

Here is why…

Because it will take time. It will take effort. And it will take energy. You are learning a new skill of Internet Marketing.

So enough of the dire warning stuff…. Lets move onto the Good stuff!

Attraction Marketing is awesome!

Once you are established it is powerful!

Once you are established it is an awesome multiple streams of income producing machine!

You can recruit a pile of new people into your business… AND once you are established many of them will come to you… they will be attracted to you and will want to work with you!

So with that said I will now explain to you what exactly Attraction Marketing is…

I suppose there could be many definitions of what attraction marketing is…

But when it comes to Network Marketing online… it is providing value in the form of training to other Networkers.

Networkers are always looking for training on how to be a success in their business… so YOU become the guru that will be providing these people with what they are looking for.

Trainings on recruiting, trainings on team building, trainings on meeting prospects, trainings on generating leads, trainings on sponsoring, etc etc….

What happens as you provide this free valuable information is that people start following you, they start signing up for your newsletter, liking you on facebook… they start to see you as an expert in the industry of Network Marketing.

They will then start purchasing products from you that you either create or products of others that you are an affiliate of and recommend to them…

And as you continue to provide them incredible value and help them, a relationship starts to form between you and them and eventually many of them will ask to work with you in your network marketing business… because they come to realize they have a better chance of success by working with a leader like you!

Cool eh?

So how do you become this leader…

Now most people reading this blog will say “but I am not a leader so why would people be attracted to me as a leader”?

“How can I provide trainings and valuable material to people”?

Great question…

But here is the truth gang… every leader was once a beginner!!

No one is born an expert…

An expert is created…

…created by studying, reading and watching other people do it, by doing it themselves… and then simply sharing the information!

So become a student and then share what you learn with others!

It is as simple as that…

Read blog posts like this and then share what you learnt in your own blog post of video!

Read books on the industry by trainers… read a chapter and then write a blog post on what you learnt!

Take notes on your next team training call or company event and simply write a blog post or do a video on the information you learnt!

Put value out into the world on a regular basis (1-2 times a day) and you will start to have people following you… reaching out to you… buying materials you recommend and eventually joining you in your network marketing business!

And that my friends is how you make money using Attraction Marketing!


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