How To Get Rid of Your Self-Destructive Thoughts Once and For All

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How To Get Rid of Your Self-Destructive Thoughts Once and For All

Self-destructive thoughts and negative self-talk are a sure way to prevent yourself from achieving anything worthwhile in life. Most self-destructive-thoughtspeople who engage in self-destructive thoughts don’t even realize they are doing it. It becomes a habit for them. And before long overwhelms them negativity.

The following are some examples of negative and self-destructive thoughts and self-talk that people send to themselves. Each example provided also has a tip on how to get rid of that thought for good….

Example #1) Nobody understands who I really am.

* Start making sure people close to you understand how you feel. Share what you are thinking with the people close to you. By doing so you will gain confidence in your ability to express yourself and it will allow those close to you to help you express yourself and who you really are.


Example #2) I am too busy and do not have time to… (Fill in the blank, it could be get in shape, start a home based business, go after my goals, start a hobby, etc, etc)

* Get into action, but do so by starting out with small goals and small activities. Even 15-30 minutes is better then nothing and will get you into momentum. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. The more you do something the more it will become a habit and finding the time to do it will become easy.


Example #3) I am not deserving of living a happy life.

Most people who tell themselves this have made mistakes in the past and feel the need to beat themselves up over it.

* Understand that the past is the past. each day is a new day to move forward. Everyone has made mistakes and everyone has regrets. They do not have to define you. Instead use your mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. You now know what not to do.


Example #4) Nothing ever goes my way.  (This is the same as telling yourself you can not do anything right.)

* The truth is that there are numerous things you can do very well. Figure out what they are, then focus your time on those areas and before long many things will start going your way.


Example #5) I am to scared to go after my dreams. Figure out what it is you are afraid of. Most likely it is a fear of failure or embarrassing yourself. Many people are concerned what others will think. They seek approval of others.

* The truth is that some fear is a good thing, it keeps you cautious and prevents you from being reckless. Most people who have become a success were at first afraid. the key is to face your fear, and make yourself do the activity you fear anyway. You have to take control and not let fear hold you back. The more you face your fear the less fear you will have.


Final Thought… One of the key things in dealing with negative thoughts, is to first become aware that you are thinking them and then smack them over the head right away. Do not let them grow and become deep routed. Work on destroying them and replacing them with positive action oriented thoughts. Start doing this right away and before long your negativity thoughts will be no more! In the end it is just a decision. deserve it.

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