How To Follow Up in Your Network Marketing Business

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How To Follow Up in Your Network Marketing Business

Now you would think that everyone who ever got up the courage, faced their fears and shared their network marketing business with someone would without question follow back up with them to collect their decision. Follow-Up-Tips-Scripts-for-network-marketing

But what is mind blasting is that almost nobody follows up!!

They expect that if someone is interested in their network marketing opportunity they will call them back… WRONG!

But the reality is that it makes no difference how interested someone is in your business, life will get in the way, they will NOT call you!

There is a reason someone some where came up with the saying “The Fortune is in The Follow Up”…  Because IT IS!!

There are two forms of follow up that you must apply in your business.

The First is the immediate follow up.

After a prospect has agreed to look at your business opportunity, you need to immediately set a time that you will follow up with them.

When setting up the time for the next call it is important that they assure you that they will have taken the time to review the business presentation by the time you connect.

It is up to you to get this commitment from them.

….come straight out and ask them:

“So John when will you have the 30 minutes to sit down and watch this presentation?”

John says “I will watch it tonight”.

You say..  “Ok perfect, so when I call you tomorrow night at 7pm, you will have watched it?”

Simple as that!


The second type of Network Marketing Follow up is the long term follow up!

This is where the real money is made in your network marketing business.

In some of my trainings I discuss what I refer to as the “Always Expanding Contact List”!

The basics of it is that every prospect you have ever spoken to goes on this always expanding contact list.


See instead of scratching a name, lead or prospect off your list if they tell you no, you put them on this ever expanding contact list and you continue to follow up with them over time.

UNLESS they have told you to never contact them again, if they do this get rid of them.

The follow up needs to be genuine…

Every few moths, simply touch base, do not hammer them over the head with your business, just check in.

Send them a message on facebook…  send them an email…  invite them out for coffee… send them a Christmas and/or birthday card…  give them a call, etc.

The point is that every 2-3 months you are back in their thoughts.

Sometimes they will ask you about your business, be casual, do not jump all over them, let them know it is going great, and thanks for asking.

Sometimes you can bring the business back up, not every time, but sometimes.  Simply say something along the lines of ….

“I know you were not interested in the business opportunity 6 months ago, but there has been some exciting new developments/changes/products, etc…  and I think you would find them pretty cool, here is a link check it out and let me know what you think:”

Or you can use the old trusty “Take Away” approach…

“I know the opportunity was not for you, but I am looking to help someone create an extra 2k a month working part time, do you know of any sharp people who might be interested”.

The important thing is that you are following up…  success in network marketing is all about the follow up…  continue to touch people with your business opportunity on a daily basis and great things will happen!


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